Wednesday, December 12, 2007

To bike or not to bike…

When I started looking into Tri-s, I thought that this would be perfect! With a Tri, you get to do three different sports, all of which I suck at.

My original plan was to focus on one event each year.

First year – Run
Second year – Bike
Third year – Swim
Fourth year – Tri

This would enable me to get my skill level to a competent level in each discipline before I tackled the big beast that is Triathlon. But I quickly realized the flaw in this plan.

I’m no spring chicken and I’m getting older every day.

By the time the Tri year rolls around, I’ll be in Depends and most likely will have forgotten everything I learned (Alzheimer's, you know).

So I’ve revised my plan to still focus on each discipline but include Tri throughout the year. This will keep the skills new and fresh while showing me what I need to work on.

2008 will be my ‘Bike’ year.

I’ll be looking for more bike events to do throughout the year and I’ll be looking to take more bike trips each week.

My initial plan is to start with a low mileage, determine that I can actually ‘do’ the mileage, and then slowly attempt to get faster at getting to that same mileage. On the last week of the month, I’ll drop back the speed and take it easy.

Looks something like this (in theory):

Week 1: Determine distance and duration
Week2: Decrease duration while holding distance(GO FASTER!)
Week3: Further decrease duration (Go REALLY fast!)
Week 4: Easy Stroll at same distance.

Hopefully, with this plan, I can give my body the workout it needs while still allowing it to rest enough not to blow some kind of gasket.

I figure I’ll start with 25 miles on January and increase by 10 miles per month. So come September, I’ll be up to 100 mile (105). If I can keep it up past this, December I’ll be at 135. Now the problem here is the cold and the distance/time required. Mind you cold here is not that cold, but I’m sure it will be for me. I’ve got thin blood living here! 50 is COLD!

So that’s my plan.

Gradually increase mileage each month, while finding more riding events throughout the year as well as, throughout the year finding some Tri’s to do.

At this rate, I’ll have to join a riding group (gulp!).

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