Thursday, December 20, 2007

Screw Triathlons, I’ve got a whole new goal!

I’ve been wondering around looking for a meaning to my life. I mean really, is my life only to serve as an example for others not to follow??!!

Finally, I have found my life purpose:

Breaking News!

The Beer Mile world record was broken yesterday with a time of 5:09 by Jim Finlayson. The Beer Mile was held Tuesday night on the Oak Bay track in Victoria, B.C. His beer choice was Granville Island Winter Ale, from a bottle.

For those that aren’t aware of the rules, the basic idea is this: Each competitor drinks four regular bottles or cans of beer of at least 5% alcohol and runs four laps on a track (Start - beer/lap, beer/lap, beer/lap, beer/lap - finish).

This may be might life’s purpose but I seriously have my work cut out for me. This guys drank 4 beers and ran a mile in 5:09!!

My hero!

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IronTriTim said...

Question is would it have been quicker if he hadn't zig zaged all over the course?