Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Saturday Recovery Run

This is our first long run since the half-mary last week.

5.6 miles - 1:05:11 – 11:38mi/hr – 154 avg.HR

This actually wasn’t too bad and we even got a pretty good clip coming UP the hill. Definitely felt the recovery though.

The run wasn’t nearly as bad as it was on Wednesday, when we ran with our group for ~3 miles. That day it felt like running was a major effort and we ended up power walking the whole time.

Actually it wasn’t so bad, considering that I’ve never ‘power walked’ before. My experience with it was rather lacking. Power walking just didn’t seem to have the same feel as running (duh!). I mean, it didn’t feel like I was burning any calories or pushing my body at all.

I will say that during the Marathon, I was passed by a group (3 people) of power walkers. They just sashayed their way right past me and left me in their dust. They were all older people, probably 50+, but I couldn’t keep up with them.

Makes me wonder about learning power walking as a skill. I would think that ideally I would learn how to run at a good speed and then when I need a ‘walk’ break, I could jump into power walking mode. That would be great. I’m sure it would cut down on my rest time.

If only they didn’t look so silly when they power walk!

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