Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just Push the button!

Crap! What have I done!

I know for you big time endurance athletes out there this is nothing, but for me…OH CRAP!

I have officially registered for an Olympic!

Apparently, I fell for that old trick: “Hurry, hurry HURRY! Don’t miss out, the time is right! We’re SOLD OUT, (but there may be room for just one or two more), HURRY!”

I contacted the RD and he said there were a few spots still open. But I should hurry before they’re gone. Guess what I did? That’s right, no time to think, no time to reconsider and no time to double check the bank account: I spent my hard earned cash-olla on an event.

To hell with the power bill! I don’t need electricity, I need to train. Hell, since this is my first Oly and I’m so drastically underprepared, you could hook a generator to the bike with how much I’m going to need to train to get ready.


(OK, I’m off to throw-up now!)


S. Baboo said...

I remember how nervous I was about my first oly, it is a big step. good training.

The Stretch Doc said...

Way to come to the plate! Nice job on clickn` that button, WHEN WE TRAINING, big guy! it's go time now!


IronTriTim said...

Way to go, first its an olympic, and then you'll be talking about a half IM. I am sure you will love it.