Thursday, February 18, 2010

The quick brown fox leaps over the lazy black dog

In this case, I am the lazy dog.

After the 50 miler, I have had no motivation to get back into it.

I am blaming it on the weather and how the cold makes you feel like doing nothing. Combined with the darkness of the morning and I am shut down and can’t even crawl out of bed. Most times I barely even make it out the door in time for work so working out is completely out!

The problem is that I know that I should be hitting it hard. I got a half iron coming up in April and I think it’s early April! That doesn’t give me much time to get my butt in gear.

The quick brown fox is JohnnyTri. After his last fake “I’m struggling with the running”, he has been going gangbusters out there. Every weekend he is hitting the trails for marathon+ runs. On top of that he is coaching a tri-team! Add it all up and it makes me feel like the lazy dog my workout planner says I am!

Here’s hoping that the bug bites me soon!

*Title: The sentence includes every letter in the alphabet, I think I heard of it from typing class and fell in love with it. It is compact and complete. Completely the opposite of me! (especially if I keep eating like this!)