Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2008 Schedule

So here it is. My 2008 race schedule:

[sorry, Blogger editor doesn't do tables very well so it's in picture format :( ]

As my wife puts it: "it’s...ambitious."

Maybe that because I’m looking at doing 17 events

Tri – 7
Bike – 4
Run – 3
Fun – 3

Break down:

The Rage is the third year I’ll be doing this. The first time I didn’t have a clue and came in with three weeks training, sporting a big, heavy mountain bike (suck!); the next year, we (my wife and I) did the Duathlon, again with little training (although I think it was almost a month’s worth this time); For this year, I want to be as prepped as possible. I’ll give it one good go and really find out how badly I suck at this Tri thing.

SG Tri, Utah and Kokopelli are all a series of tri’s that you get to compete against your time. Depending on how I do on the Sprint Rage, I’ll be trying this out in Olympic. This will be my first time. I figure with three of them, I can truly judge how I’m progressing.

UPDATE: Holy Crap Batman! SG Tri is already sold out. I’ve asked to be on the waitlist but DAMN! That was fast!

I did the Pumpkin man last year and have to say that it was F@cking impossibly hard! It has some of the steepest hills I’ve ever ridden (ha! Like I ride a lot of hills in the first place!) But regardless, it was tough. I’ve got to go back, if for nothing else than find my self-respect, which I’m sure I lost somewhere on this trail.

The rest of the events are fun events or biking events to push my biking skills up. Throw in a few long runs and you’ve got a jam packed year!

Wish me Luck (I’m going to need it)!

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S. Baboo said...

That looks like a nice season, both challenging and manageable. Good Luck!