Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yeah, Yeah I know! Pathetic!

I haven’t posted a single blog since Silverman.

Just so everyone knows, I am still out there. I have actually been running a lot (well kind of, compared to Silverman training it’s not really a lot).

Also, I noticed that I had just about zero soreness from Silverman! I expected my knees to be killing me (they were during the race!), but the next day I felt fine. I even went for a ride with my friend and we tackled the 3 sisters again. No problem!

I’ll post more soon and I know that I still owe everybody a race wheel report.

In the meantime, enjoy the turkey and eat as much as you can – for Friday we run!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Half Silverman – all crazy

I signed up for this?? Really! What the F@ck was I thinking?

This thought went through my head many, MANY times.

It was a long day that started off longer thanks to the rain and this little thing called lighting!

Apparently the Rangers thought that it would be unsafe for us to be swimming out there in the middle of a monsoon.

While we were waiting for the ‘all clear’, we froze our fins off. We were herded into the changing tents to preserve body heat.

Imagine…400 pent up athletes shoved into tents made for 40 people max. There were men in the women’s and women in the men. Now imagine that the full people are still out there swiming.

Finally, imagine that you are coming in from a looooong swim and as you hit the shore there are 400 people cheering you on, you grab your bag and run into the tent and strip down to 200 people hooting and hollering!

Imagine your best locker room fantasy! Now add Macca! (Well maybe that only works for the girls)

Somehow I think that the RD could sense a revolt happening (or a whole other scene on the girls side) and he found a clear moment in between the lightning to get the ranger to call the scene safe enough to swim.

HA! Safety! As if... don’t they know that we are triathletes? We laugh in the face of danger. We ride headlong into trouble. We run whether others fear to tread. We are electrified by the possibility of electricity. OK. That may be pushing it...

Regardless, they finally got the swim underway and I was able to latch on to someone’s feet all the way until the turnaround point. After that I was distracted by this weird tapping sound on my head and the feeling of water on my face. Every time I turned to breath, I would get a face full of water. What the heck? There was no wave, so what is going on?

It took me a good 10-15 breathes before I realized it was the rain. And it was raining H.A.R.D! After the rain left, it was the wind and then after the wind, it was the rain and then after the rain it was… the shore!

It was an eerie feeling to have your name called by strangers. At first I thought that I should know all these people but when I ran into T1 and the 5th person said my name I just figured it was one of the benefits of a well supported race. Nice volunteers!

Another great benefit? Wet suit strippers! It may be old school to you IM people, but for me it was awesome. Lay down and 2 seconds later, you're off and running wetsuit in hand!

Swim: 47:25

Despite the help the strippers gave me, it was my socks that caused my undoing in the changing tent. I had chosen a double layer sock that would last me through the bike and the run. What I didn’t count on was that double layered meant double trouble for my waterlogged brain.

Maybe next time, I can skip the strippers and request some put-on-ers?

T-1: 6:11

Some cool things about the ride?

I rode up the ramp chatting to another local. We laughed and made fun of our plight so that the hill that never ended didn’t feel soo bad.

Another cool thing? Reaching the top and slamming down that pedal. I went from 6 mph to 30 like nothing. I was enjoying the new wheels!

I was able to feel the speed like a pro out there; I also got my chance to act like a pro on the aid stations. Each aid station must have had 10+ people and you’d just call out your needs and someone would have it ready for you. Just snatch and go!

Awesome! No stopping. Just like the pros.

My Pro dream ended abruptly as I witnessed Macca climbing out of Northshore as I was descending into it. I then realized that the speed I felt on the downhill, he feels all the time.

What I would have loved to see was him climbing the 3 sisters. I am certain it would have been a thing of beauty. As it was, I was spared the agony of the sisters thanks to my family. They had shown up throughout the course cheering me on and they surprised me by being at the first hill.

Now with camera in hand, I HAD to look good climbing the hill. 'Smile pretty! No walking'.

Once I was past them, I figured that with the zoom on the camera, they’d be watching me climb the next one too, so better look good climbing that one too.

Finally the third hill. I’ll be able to relax on this one, right? No such luck as Nate and Bailey come flying down the hill dress as superman. Well maybe superman is a little too nice. How about dressed in a red cape, riding shorts, a sh!t eating grin and nothing else! To top it off, Nate was still wearing his heart strap. This picture was too much for me and I burst out laughing!

Thanks Nate and Bailey, you made that hill fun!

When I finally made it to T-2, I must have been in a coma. The last 6 miles, I just couldn't wait to get off the bike and when it finally came time to, I was totally unprepared.

I’m heading to the volunteer and I realize that I need to get off the bike soon. I try to do the cool thing and leave my shoes on the bike. I get one shoe unstrapped and pop out my foot when I suddenly realize, “I’m not going to make it”. If I don’t do something quick, I’m going to fall over and be laying on the side of the road in front of my family and 300 spectators!

At the last minute, I unclip and come to a complete stop. No professional hopping off the bike while it is still moving. No. It’s a complete stop and I am straddling my bike. My Garmin is still on the bike, my last minute items are still on the bike. I am a mess!

Finally, I makeshift my way enough to get off the bike and run up to the tent.

I am hobbling to the tent with my Garmin in one hand and my food in the other hand. I have one shoe on and one shoe off. I have this zoned out look on my face looking for directions. And about this time, I realize that the one foot that doesn’t have a shoe…it’s asleep!

I am a hot mess!

Bike: 3:59:29

Nothing special in T2. Except I finally found some salts! Like an idiot I forgot mine at home and I have been looking everywhere for them. Luckily, the weather was cold and I was not in dire need, but I was so very happy to find them here.

T2: 3:24

At about mile 2-4, I realized what else I had left at home. A knee brace. Right about now my IT band started acting up.

Now you may see pictures of me and notice that I have a knee brace on. Well at this moment I was wishing that I had two. I had decided to wear one for the entire thing. I’ve had it on since the swim, through the bike and now onto the run. That knee felt great! It was the other knee that was feeling left out and wanted some attention. And why didn’t I have a knee brace on this knee? EGO! I had decided that I didn’t want to look that lame out there and be the ‘guy with both knees in braces’. Well, what is better? Be ‘that guy’ or be the guy who hobbles through the entire run?

Next time wear the brace (or toughen up those legs!)

I’ll tell you who didn’t look lame out there. Jason. Jason did the entire race in a wheelchair (minus the swim part!). He overcame obstacles that would have made lesser men cry. He persevered over hills that were an almost overwhelming struggle on the bike. He overcame the three sisters when most everybody was abandoning the bike and walking up them. He is awesome. As I ran through the small part of the run that had a 100 foot section of dirt, I witnessed Jason first hand struggling to make forward progress. I cheered him on and watched him grunt and struggle his way forward.

I was impress and inspired.

I was less impressed when he F-L-E-W by me at near the end of the run. He was sailing down the hill and my knees where buckling at every step.

Less impressed, but no less inspired. Way to go Jason!

I was also inspired by Frank’s (The RD) signs. Or perhaps inspired is not the correct word.

Motivated…to kick his butt!

At the end of the bike and all around the run, he placed little ‘motivational’ signs:

  • For a good time, call Frank!
  • When you get close to town call my cell…If I don’t answer, I am getting a massage!
  • This hill is going to suck…so is the next one!

    And my favorite:

  • Damn, this burger tastes good!

The one sign I did find actually motivational was:

  • Suck it up, buttercup!

For whatever reason, that one helped push me through.

Another motivational thing? The run through the District. It’s an area that has lots of nice restaurants and shops. Basically it’s a place full of people, especially for the race.

There is nothing like having a few hundred people you don’t know cheer you on. Or as I like to think of it, it was the “crap! Can’t stop running now, or I’ll look like a moron in front of all these people” time.

My last bit of motivation happened at mile 12.5. A friend/volunteer was directing foot traffic and passing out food.

“What do you need? Water, Gatorade? Or we have beer!”

Beer. Sweet nectar of the gods.

Yes, I had a beer at mile 12.5 Right in the middle of my race. It was truly motivational!

And now the part where JT will be pissed off at himself for not doing the Silverman because ‘it’s not an m-dot race’ - - - It was sponsored by MGD! You know what that means?? FREE BEER! The recovery tent was a happy place!

Run: 2:43:01

Overall, it was a great race for me. I met my swim goal, blew away my bike goal, and came relatively close to my run goal.

I kept going over the time goals in my head and no matter what I did, I could not realistically come up with a time less that 8. I know that others do it, but I couldn't imagine it. Not here. Not in Vegas. Not on these hills. Not at Silverman.

Imagine my happiness

Total: 7:39:29

I’ll come up with another report later on regarding the wheels but this one is already too long.

I just want to thank my family and especially the Mrs. for being there for me. It was great! There is nothing like having your family there for you.

Finally, a big congrats to Stef. She prevailed were I would have failed. I think I speak for a lot of people out there when I say Stef has more endurance and perseverance that most people in our community and that is saying a lot!

Congrats Stef, it took two years but you met your triathlon dreams! You earned it, every inch of the way!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Home again, Home again

It's done!

I had a great time as opposed to Stef who had every possible obstacle placed in front of her and kept going!

Stef is a hero, I would have rightfully given up along time ago!

I have the next few days off, so I'll give you an update and full race report sooner than later.

Also, Check out the SWEET shirt than the Mrs bought me!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Silverman is coming!

This is the sign I see everyday as I drive home. For the entire LAST WEEK!

Thanks, as if I could forget!

OK, Lets talk about goals.

I don’t have any!

OK, fine, some kind of goal.

To finish!

Something MORE?
To finish on that same day!

OK…OK…my goal is to finish somewhere between 6 and 8 hours. That means if I get to the finish line in 5:50, I’m gonna sit and wait until 5:59:59.9999 rolls around. I don’t care if I’m ahead of Macca or not!

A real goal for me is to beat the clock. Last year I volunteered and was able to watch the full finishers come in. It was great to see these guys coming in, guys who had given their all. But, right before the first place full finisher came in; they switched the timing clock from displaying the half time to displaying the full time.

That meant that any half finisher would have to convert the number back to their half starting time (about 90 minutes difference). The math wasn’t a problem, it was that suddenly the half’s were anonymous. They where the lost in the excitement of the full.

Their names where mentioned but not in the same excitement of the people who had just done a FULL IRONMAN DISTANCE.

They had only done a 70.3. Hurry up and finish so we can get to the full. You had your chance and now we’re moving on.

They lost their own clock. Just another number.

I understand that it has to happen. You can’t keep the clock turned back forever; you’ve got to make room for the new, but…

My goal…beat the clock. Finish with a name. Finish.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Daddy’s got a brand new bag

I know the rule…never try something new on race day, but I think this is an exception to the rule.


Check it out; I am riding on a demo set of Flash-point 60.

Here’s a pic:

It turns out that our local Tri store (Las Vegas Multisport) has a demo program. Basically, you contact Larry and he’ll hook you up with a set of Zipp or Flash-point wheels for your race.

And here the cool part: there’s NO charge!

I’ve seen this on the web and it cost $200 or more, so when Larry offered his services, I had to jump on it.

Just come on in talk to Larry and he’ll figure out what you need for your race and viola! Sign a waiver and they’re yours!

Larry made me feel real relaxed the whole time; he even switched out the cassette from my old wheels to the demo wheels.

Easy peasy!

I know that I am a rockstar, but he’ll demo the wheels to all local athletes. So for your next event, come on down!

Now for a quick review:

I HAD to give them a test drive before the main event.

I did a quick test ride for an hour just to get a feel for them and refresh the legs.

I’ve got to tell you…they felt awesome!

I’m not sure they increased my overall speed that much but I sure FELT faster! And that means a lot right there.

I was originally concerned that the extra weight of the deep rims would adversely affect me on those hills but I honestly think that my old wheels weight the same if not more.

I was able to climb the sisters without a problem (well…besides the usual problems…it is the sisters after all).

Again, I felt faster than normal but when I got home and compared the numbers, everything was just about the same. I had more energy but I couldn’t tell if that was the wheels or the taper talking.

I’ll give a more complete report after the main event.

Here is the whole set-up

I am all sorts of lucky this weekend!

First, the Demo race wheels and now this.

At the pasta party tonight, they were raffling some SWAG, a mountain bike and a training plan with Dave Scott (the Man).

I put my name in and guess what??

I’ve got 4 months with DAVE THE MAN!

I couldn’t be happier. Talk about a perfect gift. Right before the IM.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is it Sunday yet?

It’s only Tuesday and I have already washed the car, mopped the floors, done the laundry. I even washed the bedding, the sheets and even turned the mattress around.

Is it Sunday YET??

I’ve detailed the car, detailed the bike, cleaned the workout clothes, and finished my last couple bricks.

Is IT Sunday YET??

I’ve talked to old friends, made new friends. I’ve walked the dogs, brushed the dogs, washed the dogs.


I have run out of things to do!

Here are last month’s totals:

Oct Monthly Total:
3 Swim – 7533 yd – 03:06:41 (4.7 miles)
11 Bike – 339.2 mi – 25:24:10
17 Run – 73.8 – 13:32:03

Total: 31 Workouts
42:02:55 Hours
417.3 miles
27669 Calories Burned

Wow! Look how many swims I had. A whopping 3! And all those happened just last week. But take a look at my bike and run. Way up from last times. In fact those are my highest bike and run times ever!

Let’s hope I can make it through the swim!