Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Group politics

There’s got to be something wrong with me!

I mean seriously though and not just my looks. Something is wrong with my head.

I’m secretly fast!

No, I am not!

But, I harbor fantasies that I’m really fast.

I know I’m faster than 10 min/miles. I know this because “I was in High school” (despite the fact that I ran 100m not 5000m).

I know I am faster than 10 min. Despite what my half marathon times say. I KNOW that I could have run faster. Like a minute or TWO per mile faster.

I didn’t because … because I didn’t ‘feel’ like it. Yeah! That’s it. I could have but I CHOSE not to.

I know I’m faster than 10 min. Despite the heavy breathing and the effort and the struggle to maintain that 10.

I know I’m faster than 10 min. Despite that I can’t run less than that at any race and in reality end up running much slower than that.

OK. Maybe I’m not faster than 10.

I am a 10 min mile kind of guy. I am! I know it.

I accept it. I’m coming to grips. I am me and that is fine.


What’s up with the group runs?

Three times, I’ve run with a new group. A F-A-S-T new group.

Three times I have run faster than 10 min/miles. From the start. Right from the beginning I have always run faster. Because the group runs faster.

Group Run one - 9:44
Group Run two – 9:37 (one mile was actually 7:53!!)
Group Run three – 8:22

Three times, I have done what I could never do by myself! And just to prove to everybody that it’s not me. That it’s the group:

On group run 3, I left early and headed from the park to the car.
Mile 4 = 9:08 (with the group)
Mile 5 = 11:21 (all by myself)

WHAT THE CRAP! Same effort; same HR and two minutes slower!


So what does this mean?

One thing’s for sure, I’m going to keep running with this group. I may be the last; slowest; most ungraceful person there, but I am a better runner when I am with them then without!

Does this mean that I have to pick up group rides and swims??


Stef0115 said...

Dude. It's The Group. Not just a group but FRANK'S GROUP.

This is so great that you are getting faster!

I think there is a huge benefit to training with people faster than you (in all three sports) at times to balance out solo training. I know Liz does this at certain times to get faster. I have yet to do it. Living vicariously through you right now.

Ryan said...

Base training solo.

Speed training Group.

It is that whole competition thing that makes you push harder to not get dropped.

Nice work on being the slow guy in the fast group.

The Stretch Doc said...

let me get this straight.. your only faster in groups when training?
So whats your excuse when your in the race? Isn't that a group?? HA!..


Anonymous said...

Heck, I dunno...I think you're just getting faster :)

Calyx Meredith said...

We are social beasts. It's in our wiring. You might as well harness it and make it work for you! Good job on hanging with the big (fast) dogs.

triguyjt said...

you are faster then you imagine yourself...
so..imagine yourself faster than you have actually been running and then...bam..in a race..you will be below 10min miles....

book it dano

Borsch said...

Wow...that is totally wierd. I'm usually worse when I run with a faster group...my asthma kicks in and I just can't keep the pace. If I run alone and start slow and work up to a faster pace I seem to settle in easily and them I'm fine.

It is all a mental game...trying to keep up with the group ( bad for me ) or just setting my pace alone ( good for me ).

Good luck fighting the 10 min/mile menal block.

rocketpants said...

See...you are faster than 10mpm...don't let your head think you are that speed. I just got a new gadget...a Garmin 305 and the constant feedback of what my speed is with my HR helps me to push. Everyone is different.

I'm always the slow one in the group run...way to hang in there and get out there! It can be hard.