Monday, June 9, 2008

Hippolytus de Marsiliis

First off I want to say I blame JohnnyTri. It’s his fault.

Sure, he'll claim that I was the instigator. He'll allude to the fact that I initiated the idea of working out together. He may even go to such ridiculous lengths as to say that he was going to do the workout anyways without me and that I just tagged along.

Don't believe him!

Sure, he may be training for CDA (which he is more than ready for). Sure, the distances he does now, make my workouts look pathetically small in comparison.

But if you set facts aside, what have you got? Me! And being as this is my blog, ME is what you get!

Now, for the Real truth (as told by Me!)

There I was minding my own business, working VERY hard (in case anyone asks) when out of the blue JT BEGS me to do an Open water swim. After listening to him cry and whine, I finally relented and agreed to demonstrate proper form for him on the swim.

When we arrived at the lake, and saw the slight chop, I had to drag him into the water. Disregard his previous post.

1.2 miles later, I arrived back on shore, fresh revived and eager for more. I was 'thrilled' at the idea of another lap out there, but JT whimpered something about taper and we called it a day.

Seeing as I was SO fast and had perfect form on the swim, I decided that I would school JT on proper bike form.

The next morning we left from his house out onto the Blue Diamond loop.

Knowing how easy it was for me last time, I decided that I would take the lead. After 100 feet, I had enough.

Let it be known, that it wasn't the relentless wind, nor was it the inexplicable fatigue in my legs, that made me decide to let JT lead. Rather, I realized that it would serve him no good if ‘I’ pulled him through the ride.

So, again to reiterate, I relented the lead after 100 feet and by 100.0001 JT took over.

I decided that I would observe form to ensure that he had correct riding posture, so I fell back a few hundred feet. Then I realized that he may be self conscious and won’t fall into his ‘natural’ flawed form while I was there, so I decided to fall back a little bit more, just out of his eyesight.

If you happen to be riding by this past weekend and noticed JT and then wondered what I was doing a mile or two back, now you know. I was biding my time.


After the ride, I decided that now would be the perfect time to explain proper running form.

After the first four miles it was evident that JT already had a very good understanding of the proper run form and I allowed him to retreat into the house while I spent more ‘individualized’ time working on mine.

Those times I was walking? Um…I was working on my powerwalking form.

You know a good powerwalking form can pay dividends later on in a race. Right??

Now, to the reason why I blame JT.

When I first met JT, I was averaging around 20 miles on the bike. He suggested that we go out for a nice easy ride. 30 miles of some of the most brutal hills every, I was done.

It took me 4 months before I decided to ride with him again. He conned me into doing the 80 mile ride on the tour de Summerlin (again, listen to me and not him. Remember the “facts” are not important here). 80 miles, when the farthest I’ve ever done was 35 and before that 25. ALL JT’s Fault.

And now this! My fourth* time above 35+ miles and JT is involved. Conspiracy! I think so. Here lies the culprit. And what’s worse? He acts like he had nothing to do with it. He goes as far as to say that it’s all in the name of Training! Ha!

Torture I say. Torture!

So now you know why I blame JT for everything! Global warming, floods in Iowa, missing socks! Blame JT.

And whatever you do don’t call him up for a workout partner. Errr, I mean, Don’t listen to him when he begs you to school him on training.

Friday: OWS - 1.12 miles - 50:06
Saturday: Bike - 60 miles - 4:15 (14.1); Run - 8.1 miles 1:39 (12:17)
Sunday: Rest - Yard Work (ugh!)

*There was one time I rode 35+ miles without JT's intervention. For the Tour De Cure ride. But I'm pretty sure that I can find someway to pin it on him. just give me time!


Team Brazo said...

Damn JT -- hate when those guys get in the way of your fast/perfect/easy as pie workouts.

The Stretch Doc said...


anyone want to play...

hey you did great Form, even if I couldnt see where the hell you were back there.. lol..


Stef0115 said...

Um . . . coupla things:

1) Those miles rock! Are you secretly training for an HIM?

2) Something tells me all of this is not exclusively the fault of JT. Doubtless plenty of blame must be allocated to him but, well . . . see #1 above.

SWTrigal said...

You are really getting in the deep end of the pool now Isaac! Great job..

Anonymous said...

Great workouts there, Form!

I've been aquainted with a few "JT type" training friends. You curse them at first...but later you thank em ;)

But, for now...dang him!!!

Borsch said...

Good form is key to injury prevention...those fast people are just being careless with their bodies. :-)