Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The hills of Ohio

Joke: What’s round on the outside and high in the middle?


And boy do they have the High part right!

Over Memorial Day weekend, the Mrs. and I went to Ohio to visit her family and friends. While there I needed to get some kind of workout in.

I needed something to justify all those glorious home cooked meal and gluttonous drinking occasions!

The good news:
Last year - I ran the neighborhood and was the hills forced me to walk. It felt like it took forever to get anywhere. I ran down to the end of the block and back. Whew! What a workout.

This year - Hills? What Hills? This is easy, the end of the block?! Way to easy! Let’s keep going!

The bad news:
I'm feeling so good, I decide to find some serious hills (not a hard thing to do around here). I found the hill from hell! Short and steep!

14 % grade - 0.3 miles – 100+ feet from top to bottom.

Hill repeats – 2 miles worth! That’s 5 times up and down.

Down 14%! That’s a nice workout on the quads.

I thought that the Midwest states were supposed to be flat!!


triguyjt said...

Its amazing how many fricking hills we have here... less in cleveland, than in north central ohio by mansfield, loudonville.
toughest race I ever did was one of the ironman distance races in mohican area..called the pineman...

of course down in southeast part of ohio-wva its much steeper in spots... crazy... course those are speed bumps compared to thosde western states mountains..

Borsch said...

The midwest is flat? My area of MN of hilly as crap!

SWTrigal said...

I am from Ohio-is there really a 14% hill anywhere in the state??

Anonymous said...

Way to go on that seriously steep hill! How awesome that it's getting easier, too. Keep up the awesome training :)

S. Baboo said...

It's the mountains of the west that makes the midwest seem flat but anytime I've workout in the midwest it seems like a never ending series of rollers, you can get a lot of elevation gain that way.

Team Brazo said...

14% -- now that is a hill. I'd hate to do that on a bike, might tip backwards.

Calyx Meredith said...

You are addicted to hills! Could you share some of that because I'm so intimidated by them!! I don't mind them on the bike (in fact I think they're interesting) but on the run? They make me want to cry. You? Cracking jokes on every repeat I bet. Well done!

Ryan said...

My wife is from Cincinnati and every time we go back, I think the same thing,

"Damn this place is hilly!"

Although anywhere is hilly when compared to Pensacola. I live 7 feet above sea level and less than 1 mile from the Gulf of Mexico.


How high was that Tsunami?

Great! Now I've got to worry about Tsunamis and Hurricanes. I miss LA!

IronTriTim said...

Good job on getting in some training while you are away. I know I tend to let my training lack when I'm away.

Rachel said...

Ugh. Come to San Diego, and I'll show you hills. I never do hill repeats--I just go out the door. It's hard to find somewhere flat to go on recovery days though.