Friday, February 29, 2008

T Time

Tomorrow is the day. Red Rock Half-Marathon here I come (for better or worse)

On the advice of Ryan, I’ve decided that this race is going to ROCK!

I’m fresh off a 3 month taper, I’m READY!

Bring on the ribbon! Bring on the awards! Bring in the ambulance!

Check out the profile of the run. Holy Crap! I’m going to need a rocket pack to get up that hill!!


Following the shadow of Lucho (only I'm doing 1/20th of what he does), I've been running a lot of extra runs.

It’s WAY too late for me to start actually training for the event properly (Silly things like long runs and running the course, etc –BLAH! Long runs/bong runs), so instead I have been doubling up or tripling up my running.

Roughly stealing this from Lucho:
  • By doubling/tripling the runs my body has time to recover from the damage inflicted on it, but I get ‘most’ of the benefits from the long runs.
  • It’s the ONLY way I was going to be able to fit in anything that resembled marathon training with my existing triathlon training schedule.
    Lucho mentions a third benefit which is metabolism but the scale will testify that there I haven’t found that advantage yet (of course it was one week of training, what do you expect – miracles?)

So with the new plan in place I was able to bump my normal running mileage up from ~10 to 32.41!

Whew! 3 times the running.

So far the body feels good, but tomorrow is the day. Time will tell if this “training plan” worked for me or not.

Just hoping to finish. Getting better than last time would just be icing, but really have you looked at “them thar Hills?!”


Stef0115 said...

Good luck and ROCK IT! I will see you at the aid station at Mile 12!

Ryan said...

Forget luck!

You are rocking some "fresh" legs my dear man.

Don't get caught up in the hype of the start and cause yourself to crack later in the race.

You will pass all of those "playas" at mile 11 who went out too hard.

Power and patience.

Steve Stenzel said...