Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Are you trying to tell me something??!!

It started off simple (doesn’t it always).

The plan: Ride Lake Mead for a fun 35 miles.

Problem: No one told my bike that it was supposed to be fun. Apparently, my bike still has not recovered from the Crank incident.

We decided to ride the Rage course, starting at the long up ramp. Did I mention that it’s long? As in freaking long uphill, right out of transition. What about the plan of keeping the heart rate low right after the swim? Out.the.window.

With my heart rate pegged from the very start, I was actually 'relieved' when I felt my crank falling off! It was like a prayer answered. I would have preferred it happened a little more than 300 feet from the start but... Yep that's correct. 300 feet. That should have been a sign.

Another 3 miles…Crank again!

Another 1.5 miles…the chain locks up on my honey

Another 8 miles…the crank falls off!

Another 300 feet…crank!

Another 100 feet…crank!

This is it! I’m done! It’s been 5 times, either the crank is stripped or broken or I’m cursed. JT has long since gone on (It’s hard to get a decent ride in with stopping every few minutes) and my honey is tired. Tired of stopping, tired of the bike, tired of pedaling - Tired!

I send her on her way with the keys.” Come pick my broke a$$ up! I’m done!”

Surrounded by the desert with nothing to look at but my junk bike and the lake, I take a breather.

One more chance, at the very least it’ll get me closer to the car. This time it manages to hold. All the way to the car (where a very bored JT is waiting for us – Mental note: Next time give the keys to the fast person in the group!). Then it falls off!

That’s right: 6 times the crank fell off. SIX times! SIX TIMES! Ughh!

The LBS (McGhie’s) later tells me that Specialized had a recall on this. Crap! Well, at least it’s not me!

The next day is supposed to be a brick - (10 mile ride with a 2 mile run) x 2.

With the road bike in the shop, I’m forced to use the MTB. The beast is huge; I ‘borrowed’ it from a friend, who probably got it from a garage sale! It weighs in well over 30 lbs, but this is the bike I rode for my very first tri. Getting on it now, I can't imagine riding this for a Tri. What a beast.

Plan: To ride the Lakes Las Vegas. – 2 loops for 10 miles. 2-3 times.

Right of the bat, I have a problem; there’s no bottle holder on this bike, that means no water the entire ride.

Upon arrival, we start setting up. Place the shoes out, put the GPS on the car for sync up, and get the bikes pumped.

Damn! Her bike has a flat. Fixing the flat causes another flat!

No more tires!

Back to the LBS we go!

(While driving at 40 mph) “What was that?” “I don’t know but whatever it was is broken now”


The Garmin!

Yep, left on top of the car, it goes flying off at 40 mph's hits the road and bounces!

Please god! Please don’t let the 20+ cars behind me run over my watch!

I already have a bike broken; a flat to fix and the last thing I need to do is buy another Garmin!

Luckily, Garmin is still there; lying in the dirt. It’s beaten and abused, but it’s not broken.

It still works! Way to go Garmin, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

The LBS gets the tire fixed, it’s now dark. This workout was supposed to happen early morning.

The entire day wasted!

Still…got it done. On the trainer and running in the dark.

Triathlon gods, I hope you're listening. If that doesn’t count as overcoming obstacles, then I don’t know what does.

Last week:
Monday – Rest (+2 easy runs – 4.31 miles)
Tuesday – Swim 2100 + Run 5.4 miles
Wednesday – Run – 4 + run 4.7 miles
Thursday – Rest + Run 1.6 miles
Friday – speed work (3.62 miles) +Run 4.61 miles
Saturday – Swim (Missed 2100) and Bike 30 miles (Crank from hell, did 28.68)
Sunday – Brick (Ride 10; Run 2) x2

This week:
Monday – Strength + Run 1.92 Miles
Tuesday – Swim 2100 + Run 3.03 miles
Wednesday – Run Speed work + Run 3.54 miles (so far)
Thursday – Bike 35 miles (negatively split w/ 2 hills and 3x 60” sprint)
Friday – Rest (Planned swim makeup day)
Saturday – Run - Red Rock Half Mary
Sunday – Swim Bike (2100; 40 miles)


Anonymous said...

You make me smile...which is a lot better than I was doing those 2 days from training hell. You forgot to mention that my chain fell off again Sat when I was hauling my butt to the car so I could rescue you :-) I think I almost cried at that point. What a weekend!

Stef0115 said...

What a boondoggle of a day/weekend! Seriously kudos to you for getting that trainer ride in. It really sucks dealing with mechanical issues on the bike I have had plenty of those myself.

The Garmin incident must have felt like a slap in the face at that point in your day, although (thank goodness) it turned out okay.

This post made me laugh -- at your sense of humor toward the whole thing. Even though you probably were not laughing as it was happening. :-)

Ryan said...

I would still be Soooo drunk, or hungover after a day like that.

Just think how lucky you are to have such a cool wife.

Now, should I tell you what I tell my kid, or students.

"if you can't take care of your things and properly care for them . . . . . blah blah blah."

Way to tough through it, better day s are on the way!

Go to In-n-out and treat yourself to a double-double and a shake, after your race of course.

Formulaic said...


The whole weekend felt like a slap to the face! One BIG bitch slap. Still feeling it. But I've found that waiting a few days helps put a shine on it.


You don't know how good that beer tasted after that workout.