Friday, February 22, 2008

Eternal Sunshine


It’s tough getting back.

It looks like it’s been 2 weeks since I blogged last but it feels like a month has passed.

I was filled with false visions of coming back and painting the page with glamorous words that would make you ‘feel’ like you were there…But I think that ship has sailed and the best I could hope for is mediocrity.

So I’ll spare you. Write it off as too much water under the bridge and too much time passed.

I’ll give you the executive summary and then we’ll start anew. Like a quick session of a “spotless mind”.

First off: Hawaii!

It was a blast. Very relaxing. Thought about buying a place there to rent out then finally came to my senses and realized I’m just one step above a poor starving college student (Hint: I’m not in college).

Lest you be afraid that I stopped working out…I did. But I had a valid excuse. My coach said I could.

Mind you, I'm self coached so ‘I’ said I could slack off. It was listed as a ‘recovery week’ which basically I understood to mean:

“Spend time on the beach while sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas in them.”


To be fair, I did get a leetle exercise in, I mean besides running from the beach to the room for more beer.

Honey and I hiked the Diamond Head trail. Basically it’s a nice hike that climbs 762 ft in 0.7 mile. Whew! What a climb. Then like a dumbass (reoccurring theme here) I decided that “hmm...that was fun. Let’s do it running the whole thing this time!”

So yes, I ran up the entire trail. All 0.7 miles including 271 stairs each way. On paper it looks like 1.5 miles and 542 stairs, but in reality it was a hell of a run. And my sore calves will vehemently attest to it.

Got in a leetle swim time too. While most of it was doing backstrokes in the margarita glass, I was actually able to find the sand and more importantly find the salty (and buoyant) ocean.

We practiced running into and out of the water. I'm quite sure that, with all of the running out of the water as fast as we could and then turning around and careening back in to the water like newborn sea turtles, the other beachcombers thought we were a bunch of weirdo’s (and their probably right, but who cares, besides they're most likely drunk anyways!).

Finally, we had to get a run in along the beach. Sounds cliché, but you ‘have to’ run along the beach. Everyone says so. What they don’t say is that your poor drunk dehydrated ass is from Las Vegas (humidity level 0.0) and now you're trying to run in Hawaii (humidity level 60-80%).


Talk about running like $h1t! There was more sweat dripping off of me then there were ice cubes in my Cuba libre. And that’s saying something. After ~4 miles I was DONE.

KONA here I come! (Not) I mean seriously, I know that I took a few days off but you can’t loose fitness ‘that’ fast can you??

According to how that felt, if I was going to do Kona (Yeah right, in my nightmares), I’d have to be down there a month just to get acclimated (yeah right, in my dreams).

Upon my return to Las Vegas (I left kicking and screaming!), I promptly drown my sorrows in a bike ride through Lake Las Vegas.

Umm..hello…did you know that there are some serious hills there? They have this great ‘V’ shaped hill(s) where you get super speed up (30+ mph) and then slam into the other hill and watch your speed plummet to 6 mph. WOW! Like hitting a brick wall.

Good training; Great vacation.


Anonymous said...

Newborn sea turtles?! They probably have more grace than we did :-)

Stef0115 said...

Sounds like so much fun! I was in Hawaii in 1995. I want to go back.