Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The swim that wouldn’t die!

It started off so innocently.

I missed a swim on the 27 thanks to the crank incident. So I figured I’d roll into the next week.


I had a friend fly into town. The kind of friend that requires copious amounts of drinking when you should be sleeping.

Tuesday morning was one of the hardest swims of my life. I don’t know if it was because I felt like I was going to throw up every stroke, or that my head was going to explode with every breath or the fact that despite being surrounded by 200,000 gallons of water, my body was dehydrated.

I’d like to say I got it done…but that would be a partial lie.

I could only complete 850 before I had to give up. Apparently a 92 degree pool and a massive hangover don’t mix.

Not to be outdone, I came back that night (after an almost full recovery).

Got in a smooth 1300.

Unfortunately I missed another swim on Friday because…well…because it’s FRIDAY! You’ll have to speak to JohnnyTri (mention the password: “Happy hour”).

Finished the week with a solid 2,000 after having a smokin 5k race the hour before (more on that later).

HOLY COW! That means I got 4,150 yards in for the week! HOLY COW!

Started this week in the hole, so I needed to make up for the missed swim.

Finally snuck it in during lunch break to start the swim week off with 1300.

Looking at the rest of the week swim wise I have:

2000 yards

2100 yards

UGH! That will bring me up to 5400 yards! In two weeks combined I’ll have almost 10k in. I think that I’m going to grow gills.


The week at a glance:
Monday – Weights
Tuesday - Rest (made up for the missed bike(1.5hrs); and the missed swim(1300))
Wednesday – Run - 4 miles + track work
Thursday – Swim - 2000 yards
Friday – Run 6 miles
Saturday – Swim -2100 yards; Bike 35 miles
Whew! I’m going to need a vacation - OH Good! There’s one now!

Sunday – Begin Vacation!

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Ryan said...

I only do open water swims when I have hangovers, because you can vomit in the water and not worry about having to swim through on the next lap. Plus it attracts fish to the surface for a little added scenery to take your mind of the pounding headache. Nice job on the swims!