Friday, February 22, 2008

Red Rock Half Marathon

Catch up number two!

Crap! God am I stooopid or what?

Yep! I went and did it again. I signed up for a half mary without a lick of training. The last ‘real’ run I had was the Las Vegas Half marathon. Since then, it’s been nothing past 6 miles max.

PLUS, this is Red Rock. Aka the hilliest place in America. I don’t think there’s a flat section anywhere.

But not to worry, I've got a WHOLE two weeks to prepare (make that one week now).

PR here I come!


Ryan said...

Don't consider it, "without a lick of training."

Be positive!

I am going to ROCK this Mutha because I have been on a 3 month taper.

No show me to the starting line!

Good luck, and go for the negative split, when you get to the halfway point,


Ryan said...

Hey man, JT has a pic of you riding on his blog.

That big S on your bike, does that stand for

Specialized tool needed to keep my crank on?


Spend the money and get Ultegra, Dura Ace is even better but not really worth the extra $

The Stretch Doc said...

way to man up!!
now just sign up for the Silverman half and stop messn` around!!!