Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My own private sufferfest

Apparently right around the superbowl day, there is a group of riders who like to get up early and ride out to Red Rock; do the 13 mile (massively hilly) loop TWICE!; then ride out to B-F-E, come back ride the loop one more time (just for grins), then come back home in time to watch the game!

Sign me up!! [not]

It was decided that we should make our own private sufferfest. Actually the 30+ mph wind combined with the rain coming at us sideways decided that we should have a sufferfest.

After riding for 30 minutes; exhausting my energy; having my fingers/lips/eyes/nose-hairs/feet freeze; my thighs simultaneously numb and searing with pain; being blinded by the wind and having my clothes ripped off me; it was time to call it and head back inside.

Luckly I had made it to… the end of my driveway!

But I persisted. I needed a two hour bike ride and the adventure to the mailbox doesn’t count.

Hop on to the trainer.

Never mind, that this is the first time I have ever used a trainer and most wise people swear that anything more than an hour is reason for suicide.

No despite those very sound and logical reasons, I decide to ride for two hours watching the game. Two hours of football on the bike. With water bottles.

Not beer – the way Football was intended to be watched.

Two hours…two l.o.n.g. hours.

Can you say sore???

I can!

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