Monday, January 28, 2008

Crank it up!

Actual conversation I had in my head while riding up an 8% grade with 25 mph side wind:

[Huff! Huff! Damn this hill sucks! Huff! Huff! Don’t worry, there’s a reward at the end of the circle. Huff! Huff!

Um! Wait! What did 'I' just say! ...End of the circle! What the hell does that mean? There is no end to a circle!

There is no reward is there!

What happened to my support team? I'm supposed to have a cheerleader with me not a naysayer. I’m looking for encouragement not a koan! If I want peace and enlightenment, I’ll meditate at home!]

And then...the crank fell off my bike. The CRANK! What the hell is that!

It happened to Water Buffalo and now it’s happened to me.

End of workout!

The last week was success and a flop all at the same time:

I took two days off at the beginning of the week (although I did get in a nice hike [Cross training right?]), so I felt like I didn’t do anything the entire week.

Monday: Off (Hike)
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Run 4mi; Weights
Thursday: Swim 850 yards
Friday: Swim 300 yards
Saturday: Run 7.64 mi; Bike 11.88 mi
Sunday: Bike 8.47 mi

I had planned on doing a big swim on Sunday, but the Crank incident ruined my mood. I’ll make it up this week.


Stef0115 said...

How does that happen? A crank falling off I mean. I've heard of it happening . . . did it cause you to wreck, or were you able to contain the fallout?

S. Baboo said...

I had a crank fall off once and ended up riding the next 15 miles one legged.

Ryan said...

I wish that I had enough power to knock my crank off, QUADS OF STEEL? So I assume that you continued on uphill one legged without disrupting your cadence of 100, right? I had a cheap trek road bike for training that came with a "price club" type crank on it. After about 60 miles I would have to stop and tighten the crank before it fell off. Now I only use the good stuff, it is worth the extra dough. Good Training!

Formulaic said...

Ryan: Quads of Steel?? You should talk to S. Baboo.

Ugh! 15 miles one legged! He is an animal!


Actually, nothing happened. It felt like my pedal was loose. Then I looked down and suddenly the crank came out. Since it was out, I just leaned over on the loose shoe and stopped.

I've heard of some major accidents that can happen but luckily I was spared.

The Stretch Doc said...

nice to see you getting some numbers up on the board.. besides the 12oz. kind!! HA!