Thursday, January 10, 2008

Et tu Carl’s Jr?

Crap! Undone by a hamburger.

Who would have known that one (1) burger could pack so much punch.

"Jalapeno $6 Burger"

My diet weeps your name!

My fat-ass tips its hat to you: You the brave, the big, the conquer.

Able to leap over 1000 calories in a single sandwich.



Ryan said...

If you are going to blow your diet, don't do CJr's. Go to In-n-out burger and get a double double with fries and a shake. Ahhh, heaven! That is another reason I can't wait to get back home to my SoCal.

Formulaic said...

Mmm, That sounds like a little bit of heaven to me.

Wait! No!

Get behind me Satan!

But those fries...animal style!

If I run to In-n-Out does that count for something?

Stef0115 said...

Even better than In-n-Out Burger is the mushroom burger, with cheese + fries at The Pit Stop in Boulder City! I never run or bike there, I drive. :-)

Thanks for checking out my blog.

IronTriTim said...

Its crazy the calories in those burgers.. but damn they taste good. Thats an hour of running.