Thursday, January 17, 2008

Patience Young Grasshopper

I’ve had two very recent bushes with pathetic-ism that points out my need for patience:

1. The training plan called for 40 minutes at L1. L1 is “supposed” to mean ‘able to talk’. What the hell does that mean?? Um..I’m running, I don’t want to talk. I WANT TO RUN.

Screw it, I’ll try it out. Actually since it’s me running by myself (cue the violins), I decided to run at HR zones.

DID you know that Garmin does HR zone training for you? The little bugger is so smart that it can tell you not to go above or below a certain heart rate.

DID you know that my HR Zone 2 is 144-133?

DID you also know that Garmin ‘beeps’ at you? Go too fast = ‘beep.beep.beep’ go too slow ‘beeep..beeep..beeep’.

How cute!

Did you know that in order for me to stay in Z2…I Have to be asleep!

I mean seriously, what the hell! The second I start running, it jumps past Z2(‘beep.beep.beep’).

In order to be Z2, it’s a fast walk (silence). Not a slow walk (‘beeep..beeep..beeep’).

So cute!

OK...Screw that. I wanted to run, not walk. Let’s go Z3. (133-152).

Fast walk =‘beeep..beeep..beeep’

Run = ‘beep.beep.beep’

Fine! Not so cute anymore!!

Jog? = ‘beep.beep.beep’

WHAT!! Really not cute!!

Slow jog = “ “ Aw, the sweet sound of silence!

So slow jog.

S.L.O.W. jog

Not an ‘almost’ fast jog (‘beep.beep.beep’). So ready to through the thing into the street!

40 minutes = 3.26 miles = SLOW jog


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S. Baboo said...

I had a serious disagreement with all my beepy stuff and turned off the noise.