Friday, November 30, 2007

And Now a word from our sponsors...

Unwittingly, I asked my wife what I should write about for the blog and coming up with a blank, I asked her write something for me. Without further ado....

Ladies and Gentleman, I bring wife!

(isn't she a Hottie!!??)

Ok, here it goes…

This is coming to you from the better? Or worse? half of formula-ic (definitely the lazier, not a good writer half) – his wife. I wanted to share a little about Izaac from my point of view…

Let’s start off with his blogger name. Izaac came up with this because of what the word formulaic means. Adjective: being of no special quality or type. Average. Mediocre. Unexceptional. It’s his way of teasing himself about how much he thinks he sucks at triathlons.

First off, anyone that can do a triathlon does not suck! Even if you’re last, you have accomplished so much more than most people will ever do.

He also fails to tell you that for every event (I think) that he has done so far, he has decided close to the last minute to participate, therefore, he had very little training time. Something he should probably work on :-D

He also trains with me (remember the lazy one). I absolutely love our time together running & biking (as he drags me out of the house kicking & screaming) but I have recently come to terms with the fact, I might just be holding him back.

So maybe it’s time for formula-ic to show himself what he is capable of, and for me to either kick it up a notch (doubtful) or learn to enjoy my own company. (Not this weekend though, I still need him to get me through the Las Vegas Marathon).

Here’s to Izaac and all the rest of you triathletes who are not average, mediocre or unexceptional


Disregarding all the nice stuff she said about me...what do you think??

I think that we have another blogger on our hands! And a pretty good writer of one at that. Add to the fact that she's gorgeous and we have a WINNER! (Sorry fellas [and ladies], she's taken).

Little did you know but she's also an aspiring triathlete (hmm...that may be something she doesn't know either, but it doesn't mean its not true!).

She trains just as much as I do and I don't think it will be too long before she is a threat! Look out ladies!

She'll be making her marathon debut at the Las Vegas marathon, which according to my widget is only 1day and 12 hours away!!!

Hopefully, following that she'll be making her Tri debut at the Rage-in-the-Sage (she's already done the Du there before).

And finally, this may have been her debut for Blogs!

Damn! That's a pretty good year!

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IronTriTim said...

As someone said to me, you don't have to be a good writer to blog, just write something moderately interesting and people will read. We all struggle with things to write. (Well I do at least!)