Thursday, November 8, 2007

Some Ideal Thursday

Well the cross training class went off without a problem. It seems that the faster I ran the less it hurt. Somehow (magically) the instructor must have ‘sensed’ this and therefore made us run more sprints then I have in my life! (Either that or he’s a sadistic bastard…I’m hoping that it’s the former rather than the latter)

If there was ever a time to find my Max heart rate, that was the time. I started the sprints great and flew by people like I was running with the wind. However come round 10 or so, I was dead and my sprint wasn’t much better than my fast walk. Perceived effort was through the roof. Of course…I left my HRM in the car!

Thursday is my “relax in bed with my honey” morning. Meaning that we sleep-in until the last minute then run around like headless chickens to get out of the house in time for work. Friday is the same; expect that it’s a total rest day (we’ll be doing spin tonight).
It’s amazing to me, but I feel like I should be doing something during these mornings. I feel that I’m wasting valuable training time. I get up early on the other mornings and go work out, so I feel like I should be doing the same now. It’s hard to remind myself that this is the “off season” and I’m taking it easy and enjoying time with the Mrs. while I still have it.

Which brings me to the next subject…Upcoming events. Currently, we’re training for the Las Vegas Marathon. We’re looking at doing the half so I’m not overly concerned (hence the taking it easy part). We’re more in the mode to ‘just finish’ rather than do it under a certain time. This will be the Mrs.’ first half so she’s worried about finishing, but I already know that she can do it (probably with her eyes closed). If we take it nice and slow (run/walk) we’ll be finished in 2:30-2:50. I’m thinking that we could really push it and be done in 2:00 but that would require a 9 min/mile and we wouldn’t be enjoying life (read partying) then. Hell, I don’t know if I’d be enjoying anything after that. We plan on partaking in a few beers and we need a strong energy supply to handle that; I can’t let something like a race and sore muscles interfere with our drinking!

I know that the Las Vegas Great Santa Run is coming up also. In fact it’s actually the day before the marathon. What better way to race then dressed as Santa? The race sounds great, get a 5 piece Santa outfit included in the race entry fee as well as help break a World Record. How perfect! The main question is will the honey be up to running a 5k then running a half the next day?

I just found out that some Bloggers are going to be in town for the events. That great! I’ve never met JohnnyTri or Sweet Baboo, but I’ve read there blogs for a while now. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up and have a beer or two.

It’s late and it’s time to head to Spin class.

Update: I forgot that I walked a few miles during breaks at work. But now that I've entered the new workout schedule widget at the side, I guess this is kind of a moot point.

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