Friday, November 30, 2007

Another sign of my sickness

Now that I have accepted that I dream about training, it’s becoming a recurring thing now, it seems that it’s starting to manifest itself around the house.


My entire top row of the dishwasher is full of training bottles. I didn’t even think I owned that many bottles!


When did it become socially acceptable to leave my training clothes ALL over the house! When it’s time to train, I spend the first ten minutes running around just trying to find my missing shirt. (Now if I could just calculate how many calories I burned doing that!)


Every dinner date or social outing seems to interfere with a planned training session. I find myself trying to squeeze a ‘quick’ workout in before dinner. Or a quick run around the block during lunch. Got a few extra minutes between the meetings? Damn! That’s a mile I could be running! Wasted time!


It happens to everyone. We have to do laundry. It’s (typically) a dreadful task. We all hate it, but it’s a necessary evil. Pick up laundry; throw into machine; throw into dryer; put away; repeat; and repeat; and repeat. Right?! Apparently not. I washed the training clothes, realized that was all I cared about and was DONE!
I think that is a sure sign.

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