Wednesday, November 7, 2007

First Post... first post!!

Hmm...the lack of applause is deafening. Well being as I'm the only one in the world who knows about this blog (not counting all those bits and bytes of search engines), I suppose silence is expected.

So without further ado, I'll get to the point of this blog and talk about training.

Early Morning workout was a quick run with my gym running group. The leader wasn't there so we relied on number 2 to lead us, and while she's great she's also slow. I still haven't worked up enough nerve to set my own pace on the run (besides the whole point is to run 'with' the group, right?), so we started off at a 14:00 pace. Things picked up later on and we finished the run with an average 12:28 pace. I'll take it.

Run - 3.42 miles - 42:40 (12:28/mi).

Actually, I should be glad we went slow. I must have jinxed myself about my running health because this morning for no good reason my calf/Achilles is killing me. Luckily no one noticed during the run but I was dying. It eventually worked its way into a dull numbing sensation but once I got to work it was back with vengeance.

Walk - 1.04 miles - 18:58

Now it's off to the gym for my awesome cross training class. Hopefully my Achilles doesn't rip itself out of my calf.

Wish me luck!


Team Brazo said...

Welcome to blogger land -- I know the feeling of the 1st blog entry -- kindof like writing a letter to yourself -- what's the point.

Look forward to reading your posts...

Di said...

Welcome to The Land of Blog!!