Friday, November 30, 2007

Sickness has become SICKNESS

I’ve been fighting it for a week now. I’ve been denying it for even longer, but I think that it’s time to admit it.

I’m sick!

I’ve got a cold or a runny nose or whatever else you call it. Point is: I feel like $h1t!

Perfect timing too. Right before the Las Vegas Marathon!


My 'taper' week has become 'sloth' week. I haven’t done an official training all week.

I’m sure (or at least I’m praying) that it’s just the cold but with every cough and sneeze, I feel a little more of my muscles getting weaker. Cough! There goes my legs! Cough! There goes my breathing! It has to stop before I become a wet noodle on the floor unable to walk to the door let alone run a half!

I’m freaking out!

To better compound the issue, I’ve decided to sneak in a few exercises to help the body "remember who is the boss".

A quick 3 mile jaunt around the University before my friends’ dinner party seemed like just the ticket. To be fair, it was an easy walk, but the next morning my cold (which I swear was almost gone) seemed to come back with vengeance. It was either the walking or the over-indulgence in the whiskey! I’m certain it was the walking.

Due to my debilitating "cold". I was forced to stay home that next day. As you may know, I suck at being home alone. After a full day of reading, sleeping, eating and slothfulness, I HAD to do something.

Something, turns out to be a 10 mile bike ride. Hey! The bike needed some work and so did I, so all I did was ride it down to the local bike store. How was I to know that I would decide to buy a floor pump and spend WAY too long there and end up riding back in the dark with no lights, in the cold, with one hand holding the bike pump (no backpack )!?

Could have happened to anyone! OK. So maybe the bike pump wasn’t such a good idea and I could have waited until I had a car or a backpack or midget who could hold it for me, but I was in the throes of sickness; There wasn’t a whole lot of coherent though in the first place.

Regardless, I’m home, I’m alive, and I’ll be damned if this cold beats me!

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