Monday, December 1, 2008

Seefood Diet

Remember when I said time to run?

Yeah. So apparently I meant time to run to the dinner table.

And boy howdy! Did I run.

Run for an extra helping of mashed potatoes; Run for an extra helping of turkey; run for an entire extra Thanksgiving dinner!

The only thing I barely did was run on the street.

The grand total for the week.... (Awaiting fanfare :) 5.5 miles!

WooHoo! 2000 extra calories consumed and 600 calories burned.

Now I'm no mathematician but I don't think that this plan leads to anorexia.

How about some monthly totals?

Nov Monthly Total:

2 Swim – 2799.4 yd – 01:17:25 (2.26 miles)
5 Bike – 116.5 – 08:34:25
8 Run – 76.4 – 15:06:06


16 Workouts
28:27:57 Hours
199.9 miles
17162 Calories Burned

Let’s see, how does that compare to last month?

Swim: 52% less than last month
Bike: 66% less than last month
Run: 4% more than last month
Total Mileage: 53% less than last month
Total Time: 17 hours less than last month

So to all you people who think that I am training too hard: this month was 53% less than last month.

I think it is safe to say that it I am in the off season!

And to all those people who think I should be training more:

[begin Raspberry]
:P - ptzzzzss
[end Raspberry ]


Calyx Meredith said...

Numbers schmumbers. Maybe you were just setting yourself up for killer percentage increases in December. Merry Christmas and all that. ;D I'd comment more but we're off to finally get in the run we've postponed for a week.

Unknown said...

You sure did hit the dinner table hard, huh? I think you earned it after all of the training mileage though. Just don't make too big a habit of it. ;-)

RBR said...

Well as long as you are being mature about it! LOL!

Hoo! Funny stuff, my man, funny stuff. I hear you on the food front it is a continual battle for me. Don't get me started bitching about Christmas cookies!

I think your November totals look awesome!

Um, our little counters thingys are getting awful close to the 100s and that kind of freaks me out! Less than 200 days sounds really freaking close!

Borsch said...

Those numbers aren't so bad, just don't compare them to last month. Be selective...pick a month they are on par with. :-)

Enjoy the "off season".

triguyjt said...

you are not slacking....

enjoy the holidays and just get the miles up to pre november...and you'll be cool

Stef0115 said...

I for one am glad you took a bit of a break after Silverman. 70.3 is hard on the body!

Of course all of our training plans are different but I was instructed to take two weeks off completely and then do not too much in the third week.

I'm sure your numbers will increase for December and I agree with RBR that your November numbers are awesome. Your swim is looking good!

So I guess I'm one of those who thinks you're doing pretty darn well! As for the eating, well I can't help you. I fell into a vat of junk food after Silverman and am still trying to get out.

P.S. Someday I will stop talking about Silverman. But probably not for a long while. Deal with it ok. :-)~

Steve Stenzel said...

Hey, that's a NICE amount of training!!


Nice month!

ShirleyPerly said...

Ha, I did some of that running myself but didn't include it in my training log - Doh!

Oh well ... you beat me on the running mileage by a long shot anyway. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a little down time and some good food though right? I like how you do your weekly totals - I think I'll start using that too. And, think hard about the B2B - Calyx Meredith and I just signed up tonight.