Monday, December 22, 2008


Dear Running,

I hate you! I F-ing hate you!

I had hoped that after the Marathon you and me would be good friends I had hoped that a new trail and new outlook would make us BFF's.

Nope! I still hate you.




How many freaking miles do I have to run before I get skinny? I mean come on, I keep running and see some huge calories numbers but I'm seeing huge numbers on the scale too!

Dear Bitter,


Really! No offense but I'm not you're friend. I'm here to make you strong and faster.

If you don't like running for five hours to do a Marathon, then run faster! The faster you go the sooner you'll be done.

Let's not kid each other:


You can run and bike all you like but if you keep eating everything in sight then the weight loss is going to be VERY slow (just like you).

So stop blaming me for you wide load and start watching what you eat. And yes, I am talking about Christmas Dinner!

Hope to see you on the trail!



RBR said...

Hilarious! Love the response letter!

I have run 894.7 miles this year and am currently 10 pounds HEAVIER than this time last year. So yeah...

Borsch said...


Ryan said...


You know you are officially crazy when you answer yourself...

Cuckoo cuckoo cuckooo!!!!

Count your calories for a week...reduce your number of calories...fat people eat pizza and beer, not hardcore soon to be Ironmen.

HTFU and get used to that hungry feeling knowing it will make you fast as hell!

Shit...anyone seen my Doritos?????

The Stretch Doc said...

haha good post..
but ya, every time I talk to you, you have beer and chips, beer and pizza, beer and cake, beer and protien shake.. I know its carbs but humm.. well .. Hey you got a beer for me??

your doing good, stay with it or Mulholand is going to eat you alive!


Anonymous said...

haha, I have the very same problem. I moan about my weight while I stuff my face. The only reason I do this stuff is so I don't get BIGGER!!!!

Merry Xmas

Calyx Meredith said...

Maybe you need to convince yourself you're running for two now?

S. Baboo said...

Run till you love it baby and never stop! I put in just over 1500 miles this year and like RBR am heavier now than at the beginning of my's my diet not the running.

Vickie said...

I'm sure everyone goes through this after a marathon--and especially at the end of the year when it seems no goals are in sight. Just turn the page of that calendar and get moving!

Rachel said...

Funny post. I liked it. This time of year is just hard. Simple as that. Hang in there!