Monday, October 27, 2008

Gone baby gone. The love is gone!

As I woke up this morning, I could feel the aches in my muscles. All I could think was:

I cannot wait until the weekend, so I can finally rest!

Wait a moment, this is Monday. That was the weekend!

I wasted my weekend working out!


I feel the ache deep in the muscles. Not the soreness on the top layer of the muscles. This is D-E-E-P. This is down to the bone. I swear, I think my bones ache.

Apparently, I had a good weekend.

Saturday was the RTC ride that goes through the Las Vegas Valley into Red Rock and then back.

For the entire time leading up to the event, I was debating about what to do. Stick with the 50 or go for the gold: century. Not just a century, a double metric century. 118!

*I think my hand just trembled putting that number in.

118 – It’s just a big number. Especially when you have only done 80 miles before. More especially when you have a Half in two weeks.

In the end, I wimped out and went for the 50. I figured it was a smarter move and safer than going full bore and blowing out my legs for month or so. Besides the route went up the pumpkinman route and…like I said I wimped out!

But I did do the 50. And in record time too!

It took me 1:45 to get to the turnaround point but only 1:20 to get back! I was flying.

It was all good until the end. Then I ran into about a gazillion stop lights. Go a good pace for 200-300 feet and stop at a light. Then go another 300 feet and stop. Repeat and repeat Ad nauseam.

It was good to get out there and get in the mileage. But the problem is that is nowhere near a proper comparison for Silverman. No hill after hill to the point that it makes you want to cry, no desert monotony, no three sisters.

But regardless, I was glad to get out there. Glad to see a fast time in my log book. Man, I can’t tell you how much I would love to see 3 hours for 56 miles! Talk about a dream come true. I’ll be lucky to see 4-4.5.

Sunday was filled with a monster swim, which the devilish Stef, talked me into. She billed it as a good workout: Fast and fun. Apparently she meant fast as in Sprint 100+ yards repeatedly. To the buoy. And back (SPRINT!) To the buoy and back (SPRINT!).

My arms are about to fall off!

Then Stef dragged me to the shore and forced shoes on my feet and away we were running a grinding and grueling 8 miles.

No wonder my body is achy!


Unknown said...

Given how your body is aching, I'm guessing that cutting the ride down to 50 miles was probably the best idea.

Stef0115 said...

Dude this is SO FUNNY:

"I wasted my weekend working out."

I'll be honest I was pretty wiped after that run. Thanks again for doing what I told you to do! -- um, er, I mean swimming with the group and running with me after.

I am grateful and lucky to have friends/training partners like you.

Really, thanks. Having you there made the run bearable.

Donald said...

Sounds like the fear of Ironman is manifesting itself in your workouts. Well done.

Nice touch with the Femmes lyrics, too.

Calyx Meredith said...

"That was the weekend!" Classic! Smart move on going for the 50. What a great ride to get to log. Definitely a pebble for the confidence jar. And that Stef. What are we going to do with her? :D

Borsch said...

Great weekend! I think you earned a recovery weekend...after the week. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you opted for the 50! As I was reading I was getting worried for ya! Not that you couldn't handle it though ;-) You could, but saving the legs I think is better.

That Stef is a good training partner, huh!

Anonymous said...

Great weekend of training - it might be achy but it still feels good.... don't it????

Ryan said...

If your bones hurt...your are training good!

ShirleyPerly said...

Don't worry, it'll be back. You just need some rest after all you did last weekend. After your taper, you'll be hungry to go, go, go during your race!!

The Stretch Doc said...

nice workout weekend..
is that the same Red Rock ride where you and I went and you stayed way behind me b/c you were sight seeing or something like that? HA!


RBR said...

Great job! You are rocking it out so hard! I feel like I big mush. I am having a "what the *&^% was I thinking?! I can't do an Ironman!" type of week/weekend.

I wish I had a super cool training buddy like you and Stef do...*trails off singing Poor. poor pitiful me. *