Thursday, October 2, 2008

And now.. in other news

OK. Enough with the depressing "woe is me". For now on it’ll be "Whoa! It’s me!"

Or it’ll be useless stuff like this:

I just found out from TRI-DRS, that the American Triple Desoto is coming to the West coast.
For those who don’t know what the Triple Desoto is, it’s a kick in the pants event. 4 triathlons in 3 days. Starting off with a sprint and moving all the way up to a half by the final day. It can be done in a team format with drafting off your team mate allowed.

Really, it sounds like a lot of grueling work. And surprisingly, people actually have a great time at it!

It’s going to sell out quick, so if you’re thinking about going for it, go fast!

Here’s the copy of the notice:

(Columbus, Ohio). Victory Man Racing, LLC is pleased to announce the expansion of the American Triple-T Triathlon format to a second venue in Lakeport, California for the 2009 season. This race will be the sister event to the current American Triple-T event based in Portsmouth, Ohio that is going into its seventh year. The new triathlon event is sure to become a classic throughout the west coast.

This epic event is scheduled for the weekend of September 18th through 20th, 2009 in beautiful Lakeport, California, which is just two hours by car from the San Francisco Bay Area, the Sacramento Valley and the Pacific Coast. Lake County is known for its spectacular beauty, unsurpassed recreation, and fine wines as it is nestled between three of the most famous wine areas in the United States - Mendocino, Sonoma, and Napa counties.

The American Triple-T California is a unique 3-day, 4-event, long distance format triathlon with participants competing on 2 person teams or in the solo division. The American Triple-T California is unlike any other triathlon and offers participants intimate camaraderie not often found in traditional triathlons.

"We're excited to bring this fantastic event to Lakeport, California and to the West Coast, showcasing Clear Lake and the area that makes up this great region," said Doug Grout, CEO of Victory Man Racing.

"The athletes should expect a "red carpet" experience featuring lots of attention by the community in Lakeport that is extremely accommodating; and excited to have these athletes competing in their community says Grout." Athletes will also receive their race shirt, event towel, water bottle and many other goodies provided by key partners and sponsors. The athlete also should look forward to the exclusive "finisher only shirt" that will place them in a select group of athletes throughout the world.

"Get ready for a "World-Class" triathlon event - the American Triple-T California will have it all, added Shannon Kurek, Victory Man Racing President and Executive Race Director. From elite athletes to top age groupers and weekend warriors, the American Triple-T California will truly be special for all participants, spectators and the surrounding communities."

Register today by visiting, the field will be limited to first 500 registered participants, which means a very quick sellout. The entry fee for the event is $300 per solo person or $600 for the two person team.

Go to to get registered.


Steve Stenzel said...

That sounds like fun!!!

Borsch said...

You better sign up....I wanna hear all about this. :-)

rocketpants said...

That sounds a little crazy! Have fun if you sign up for it.