Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oh what a difference a day makes

Last time I went out for a long ride, it was disastrous.

This week, I did not one but two long rides.

I have decided that I H-A-T-E Northshore road. There are so MANY hills. Hill after Hill after Hill after…well you get the picture.

You know that means? …Non stop Northshore! If you hate it, that means do IT!

Saturday, I went out for a long ride on Northshore solely. I parked on the top of Northshore, which coincidently starts with the humongous hill. SWEET! Nothing like starting the ride off with a fast 30+mph!

Unfortunately, the Northshore start is this “V”. Big down hill followed by BIG uphill. And then it was Hill after Hill after Hill afte…well, you get the idea.

I saw where I decided to quit the race last time. In Hindsight, I get to see how close I was to almost passing the hell known as Northshore (two miles), but I also realized that at the time the run would have been impossible.

I also saw how freaking hard the race was. My “spot” was right after a major hill and another major hill was directly ahead. If ever there was a good time that was it!

One uncool thing about Northshore? The “V”. It was there going out and it was there coming back. Big fast downhill and long slow climb out.

Did I mention the hills? Hills; Hills; hills...well, you get the idea.

Sunday was a Silverman supported ride. Silverman is the local Ironman-like event. Toughest most grueling event in the world (honestly, that’s what the website says). So tough that certain Californian’s are a leetle afraid.

4 and a half hours. 65 miles! I pushed myself hard on those hills. Hills; Hills; Hills…you know.

Pushed myself hard and all I got was 14 miles an hour! But I did feel good the entire time, that is until the end. At the end I was beat up! Tired.

And then the slave driver known as Stef, forced or rather dragged me through the desert kicking and screaming on a run!

Running after 65 miles on the bike? So tough! I swear, I’ve done so many bricks that this should be easy right? Nope! Talk about hard.

Stef (the evil maniacal slave-driver that she is), eased through the run like a deer through the forest. I think I even saw a smile at the end of the run! Evil!

But the overall point is… damn good! I’m not back, but I'm getting there.

5 weeks. Silverman…I’m gunning for you!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better - Silverman, here you come!!

ShirleyPerly said...

YAAAAYYY! I've been sick too and know what a difference being sick makes on one's performance. Great that you are back out there, albeit still not 100% I'll be there soon too. Glad you got to run with slave-driver Stef!

Unknown said...

It's awesome that you went right back at those hills and beat them. Nice! It sounds like you are getting back into a groove. Keep up the good work.

Borsch said...

go form go! keep building some momentum!

The Stretch Doc said...

Nice Link on the California word, ha!
glad to see your out in the Hills cuz Silverman has the 3 Sisters that are going to be looking for you come race day!


Stef0115 said...

Ha! V is the perfect way to describe those Northshore hills. I wanted to give up at one point out there and get a ride in. Problem was there was no ride to be had so I had to keep going. Fortunately the give up feeling passed.

triguyjt said...

look out silverman..don't freak on the miles an just humped over some bad ass hills... you won...

as for the last post on the tripl T... go to jodis blog... she is on the sidebar of my blog...
she did the triple t this check the time around memorial day weekend and she had a great account of it and some pics..etc... good luck

RBR said...

You are going to ROCK the hell out of Silverman and I, for one, can't WAIT to read all about it!

Calyx Meredith said...

It looks like I am not the only one who has had an up and down month! Glad to catch up with you (finally!) and see that you're in an upswing. Yay for getting out there and training your limiters. (That is so hard to do!) Hope you get all the way to 100% healthy and stay there. You are going to kick it at Silverman!

PS - Thanks for the nice comments. You can't know how much they helped!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!!!! You go go go go - We're gunning for you too.