Friday, October 17, 2008

Change - Change - Change

It’s the new season.

You can feel it in the air. You can smell the crispness in the October sky. You can see the leaves changing and watch the darkness overtake the day.

It is a new season.

Of course, with this being Vegas, we have no seasons!

There are no leaves (just Palm trees).
There is no crispness just cold air (soon to be followed by 80+ air next week).

Regardless…it is a new season. And the blogsphere is alive with new training. Can you feel it? Can you read it?

It’s MARATHON season!

It seems that EVERYONE I read is training for a marathon or just did one (or ten!) an ultra (or ten!).

I think it’s because of the cold and the darkness. Things that make bike riding miserable, but aren’t too bad for runners.

The cold and the darkness…Perfect environment for slow, plodding runs that last forever and never seem to have an ending.

I must admit. It sounds fun!

I think that I need to try out at least 1 or 2 marathons before CDA.

Have you checked out JT’s blog? He blew me away with this one! Awesome medals, great area, and a beer GARDEN. Not just a tent but G-A-R-D-E-N!

Now that sounds worth running 26 miles for (but not the 0.2)!

Oh! It’s not like I’ve given up on the Triathlon thing. I’m still biking and running and I drink water (HEY! That still counts right?)

Last weekend I biked another 56 even included the three sisters just to make it a good workout. And NO! I did not stop midway. Thank you very much.

Fearing that come race day, I would be a floundering fish, the Mrs. has forced me to swim. So I’ll be hitting the lake and hopefully follow it up with a long run. I also plan to ride the Silverman course again.

Wish me luck!


Go Stef! She's gonna rock this Pumpkinman!


RBR said...

Now, my friend, you KNOW I am ALWAYS down for a marathon! Let me know! I would love to meet up with you and the lovely Mrs.!

Cindy and I are doing the Big Sur Marathon on April 26th. It is a road marathon but REALLY pretty! I am just sayin'...

I will even buy you dessert after the race (of course, that means you will have to wait about and hour and a half for me to finish!)

Donald said...

That's one reason I like blogging - it's a great way to find inspiration for training and racing. Changes of season are nice for the same thing.

Borsch said...

I thought surf city looked great to! I thought about it for a second...but only a second.

ShirleyPerly said...

Yep, no real seasons in Central FL or Hawaii either! But what's not to like about being able to train and race year around?

I think you'll get a lot of confidence from running a standalone marathon before IMCDA if you can fit it into your training schedule. Not everyone does, though. Thanks for the blog link!

Stef0115 said...

Pumpkinman was FUN!

I talked with some people last night who are training for the PF Chang Rock and Roll Marathon in Phoenix in January. That may be a bit soon for you but those marathons are supposed to be fun.

I personally would do Big Sur if it fits into your schedule and budget. But there are so many good ones here too. If money and time are objects (or even if they're not) you could run one of our great local marathons!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with rbr ;-)

Yep - I can feel it in the air. As soon as SoMa is over, I'm totally getting into the offseason running mode :-) YAY!!

Unknown said...

It certainly is marathon season, and doing one or two before CDA is a really good idea. It sounds like the training is going really well, too. Awesome!

S. Baboo said...

There are a ton of good marathons out there to shoot for. You can check out the Marathon Maniacs page for an easy listing of marathons by date. Personally I would suggest the Lost Dutchman in February in Arizona.

It is smaller but it rules. Runners world rates it as one of the best little marathons in the country. Also, if you did want to hit up Big Sur in April you would have a month between marathons.