Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is it Sunday yet?

It’s only Tuesday and I have already washed the car, mopped the floors, done the laundry. I even washed the bedding, the sheets and even turned the mattress around.

Is it Sunday YET??

I’ve detailed the car, detailed the bike, cleaned the workout clothes, and finished my last couple bricks.

Is IT Sunday YET??

I’ve talked to old friends, made new friends. I’ve walked the dogs, brushed the dogs, washed the dogs.


I have run out of things to do!

Here are last month’s totals:

Oct Monthly Total:
3 Swim – 7533 yd – 03:06:41 (4.7 miles)
11 Bike – 339.2 mi – 25:24:10
17 Run – 73.8 – 13:32:03

Total: 31 Workouts
42:02:55 Hours
417.3 miles
27669 Calories Burned

Wow! Look how many swims I had. A whopping 3! And all those happened just last week. But take a look at my bike and run. Way up from last times. In fact those are my highest bike and run times ever!

Let’s hope I can make it through the swim!



ShirleyPerly said...

You crack me up!!

Nice numbers on the bike & run. And if you did all three swims just last week, I'm sure you'll be fine for your race on SUNDAY.

Stef0115 said...

Dude. You sound pretty busy for taper week. Come over here and tackle our place next that would be awesome!

Had a pretty tame brick today. I'm ready for Sunday. :-)

Borsch said...

Hey..I got some leaves that need to be raked...again.

p.s. I'm pretty sure you could take me in the swim. I haven't actually swam laps, I think. :-)

p.s.s. I still don't know how I'd perform on the run doing after two other events. I'm guessing I'd be pretty slow. ;)

Now get over here and rake my leaves!

Anonymous said...

Hey..my dad and his wife are coming to visit this weekend. Can you come over and help me with all the many things I need to get done??

Sunday will be here soon, dude!! Try to enjoy the taper and then kick some a$$ !!

Unknown said...

A little taper anxiety?

Sunday will be here soon. Rest up and you are going to do great - and you will have a clean house and car to come back to. ;-)

Kelly said...

:-) I for one am enjoying your taper week and its benefits!

Calyx Meredith said...

Ha ha ha for Kelly's comment! Dude, you sound like a tense taperer. Re-rax. :D