Monday, March 30, 2009

Mortal City

I know that people all around are dealing with horrible weather right now. Colorado is covered in snow, back East is cold and/or wet, and all we have here is some wind.

It's Wind! How bad can it be!! It's not like there is anything attached to it. There is no tornado warning. No Lightning storm. Hell, we don't even have a risk of rain.

Just wind.

Apparently, wind makes BIG difference. I first went out, thinking I'll go for an easy run loop and then follow it up with another long faster run to negatively split the workout. But one mile into it and those plans were changed!

The first mile was great, wind at my back; I could barely keep my pace in control! I LOVE RUNNING!

Second mile was into the wind, but had a slight downhill. I kind of still LOVE running!

The third mile was parallel to the wind and uphill. Running? How about walking??

I don't know what happened, one minute I was good, I mean running into the wind was tough but I was able to maintain my desired pace, but one I turned up the hill and sideways to the wind, I was d-o-n-e. I ended up walking the last bit home, shivering from the cold. Now I still have to a long run and I have one pissed off dog who was 'promised' a run outside!

One thing I did find was that even though I was sideways in to the wind, I could not catch my breath. I found myself having to cover my mouth with my hand so that I could grab a passive breath. Otherwise the air was forcefully injected into me!

But other than the air, I can't figure out what was up, but I just know that I was miserable.

Actually, now that I put this down on paper, I think it has to do with tired legs. If I recall right, I think this is almost exactly how I felt when I tried to run after Solvang Century. Oh! That sucks! I just got done with another 100 and felt great! My legs are sore, but not tired.

Apparently, they are more tired than I thought.

Well, I don't know which is better. Having a miserable run because of the wind, or having a miserable run because of the tired legs?

Looks like I still have more work to do.

The title "mortal city" comes from Dar Williams. It's a great song and when it was 'Earth hour', I couldn't help but think of this song. Combined with the way I feel about the wind and....


SWTrigal said...

AHhhh, the wind..the curse of the West..I can't rememeber hardly a one non-windy day here in ABQ lately...I hear ya!

Unknown said...

Running in high winds can really mess with your head. It's usually best to start your run into the wind if possible and then come back with the wind. Otherwise, you just have to be mentally strong and realize that you are going to run much slower.

Kelly said...

I personally thought the house was going to blow over or the windowa were going to shatter, and being from the east, still have the healthy fear of tornados, and it felt like one!

And I was curled up in bed. No way would I have gone out in that so yeah for trying :-)

IronWaddler said...

Every part of the country has their challenges that equals us out.

The Stretch Doc said...

dude nice job on getting out there for what you did.. I think it translate to at least 1.5x what you did!!.. haha!


RBR said...

So I have to go to someone else's blog to find out you are doing Oceanside 70.3 this weekend?

Is that what our relationship has turned into?

Would it kill you to post a race list? Seriously. Sheesh!

You rock and wind sucks ass. Knock 'em dead at Oceanside! You da man!

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, that is some wind! We seldom get that much in FL unless a hurricane is coming. I've actually never run in winds higher than probably 20-25mph but do know that biking in 30-40mph crosswinds is TOUGH (in Hawaii).

Great to hear you got a another century under your belt!

Borsch said...

I'll take that wind for 50's!

Calyx Meredith said...

Wind is exhausting - mentally as well as physically. Yay you for doing all that ESPECIALLY doing so after a century.