Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Totals

Another month in the books, and I am feeling pretty good about it. Got to work on a few more centuries, got to meet up with RBR (Yeah!) and even got a marathon in too!

With all that going on, you’d think that I was flying along with my training, but this month I am actually less than last month! I think that I have been taking it easy on my workouts, thinking that I have already done the distance now it was just build the endurance up.

9 Swim – 22481 yd – 09:04:31 (14.06 miles)
10 Bike – 370.7. – 26:50:33
10 Run – 73.7 – 13:25:33


29 Workouts
49:20:27 Hours
458 miles
29948 Calories Burned

Let’s see, how does that compare to last month?

Swim: 41% more than last month
Bike: 20% less than last month
Run: 6% less than last month
Total Mileage: 17% less than last month
Total Time: 11 hours less than last month

I think that coming up in the remaining months; I need to work (focus) on building up the speed. It probably means that it’s going to suck!

Speed hurts!

I’ve got a heck of month in April. Races or events pretty much every weekend.

My First Tri of the year is this weekend. OceanSide! Who would have thought that my first tri would be a half?!! Last year I trained ALL YEAR for a half and now it’s just a building block!

Finally, I’ll leave you guys with a bit of motivation. I find that it get me through the day!


Unknown said...

That's a pretty impressive couple of months of training. Great job!

Good luck in Oceanside. I loved that course when I did it. I just hope the winds are calm for you.

Kelly said...

Umm... are you sure that you did 11 hours less of training?? It sure didn't feel like it to me :-)

I am so proud of you though and so very sad I am going to miss this weekend. You are going to do great!!

Now, get off the computer and back to work!! I guess that applies to me too!

IronWaddler said...

Great numbers,very impressive.

Good luck in your first tri.

Ryan said...

Good luck in Oceanside!

Remember...there is a huge hill around 40 miles so you better save some effort on the way to it.