Sunday, January 18, 2009

so...this is what a freak out is...hmmm

So...It's 22 weeks until IMCDA. (I like I.M.C.D.A. It's some how dehumanizing to the event. Some how all those intials blurrrr the cold hard reality)

22 weeks. That's NOT a lot of time!


Let's talk about race times. Never a good thing! Truth is, I am not the fastest boy out there (shocking!).

My run times are slow, averaging about 12 min/mile for the marathon. I am getting nice and fast (for me) on the short miles but it is not translating to long distance.

My bike times are not much better. My typical average speed is right around 14 mph. That seems to be case no matter how hard I push the pace, big ring or small ring; Hills or flat; none of it seems to matter. It always averages out to 14. If I take that speed to CDA, I'll be out there for a looong time.

I've got to find a way to get better and I've got to do it quickly.

22 weeks is not a lot of time and I need to get faster. Faster running, faster swimming and heck of a lot faster biking.

22 weeks.

No pressure.

I actually thought that I was doing good. Not Ryan good but first-timer good. If the race was today, then no way, but come D day then sure. Good to go.

But then I check out Shannon's Blog.

Umm..she's doing a double workout. E.v.e.r.y.d.a.y! That means wake up at 5. Workout. Work, Come home, Workout, sleep. Repeat and repeat and repeat!

That's not me! That's not me by even half.

So...should that be me? I mean this is my first IM. But..this ISN'T hers!

Maybe..just maybe (more than maybe), she knows something that I don't.

Not that I'm freaking out or anything but!!!!!!

This Wednesday, I start with David Scott. It looks like it'll be about 6 weeks of schedule training with a consulte at the beginning. I assume he'll send me a training schedule and then we'll have a couple e-mails during the weeks.

After that we'll start over again. For 4 months. That should take me right about into taper. Either this will be great or this will be a total flop.

Either way it'll involve some seroius training.

I can't wait. Because, I mean REALLY I need some help!


On a side note, I found out that I can still swim! I still suck, I am still slow, but at least I found out that I can still make forward motion in the water!

We have a new swim/masters group here, and they are offering a month of stroke drills. Easy no pressure. Emphasis on technique not speed. Sounds like a great way to get back into the water.

One good thing I've noticed is that my cardio is still pretty good. Now mind you these are only drills but I actually found that I wasn't dying for breath at the end of each lap; As a matter of fact I was relaxed and calm. I didn't need to worry about breathing at all. I actually found that I could do the whole 25 without breath at all. NICE! And the best thing was that at the end I wasn't hypoxic, I actually felt fine!

That is awesome. Each 25 was breathless! Of course, this was only doing drills and it doesn't translate to hard swimming, but still it was cool.

It's was a nice first time back into the water.

OK! So to review. I have just under 6 months to become a faster runner. I need to be a heck of a lot faster biker and still have a lot of work on the swim.

Run; bike; swim.

Work your weakness!


Stef0115 said...

Hmmmm . . . does Shannon have a coach? Soon YOU will have a coach.

Tell Dave Scott all the details of what you have been doing and he should steer you in the right direction.

Oh and taking some deep breaths might help. I have no idea really but it might. :-)

Unknown said...

Confidence my friend, confidence. Six months is plenty of time to get in the training you need. I wouldn't worry too much about speed on the swim. You want to make sure you expend as little energy on the swim as you can. If they will let you use a wetsuit, do it. Anything to make the swim easier.

On the bike and run, it sounds like strength training is your best bet to get faster. I'm not talking pumping iron in the gym, I mean making sure you do the kind of training that's going to get you stronger. Don't just go out for endless rides and runs at your usual pace. Better to get some shorter, higher intensity efforts in. Hill repeats on the bike and run, interval sessions on the bike and run - those will make you faster. If you don't train your legs to turn over faster, all the endurance in the world won't make you faster.

It will be interesting to see what Dave Scott says about it, but I'm betting he will have you changing up your intensity to get you faster and stronger too.

S. Baboo said...

IM training is a lot of work and you really do just have to put your head down and move through all the miles though I think that you will be fine if you follow your plan. Most of all, try not to get down on yourself. Typically speed does not increase during IM training, you often just feel worse and slower but after the taper, come race day, you should feel strong.

Borsch said...

I'm no triathlete but if you are worried about not making the cut off times, work the bike. Get out of the water in 2 hours and work the bike.

Dave said...

I totally understand how you're feeling! It's like once it became 2009, the race is on top of us.


It's still 5 months. That's longer than most marathon training plans. Plenty of time to shore up our weaknesses and be ready in June! I'm sure the coaching will be a big help, too.

Vickie said...

Have you looked at the training program 13 Weeks to An Ironman? Looking at the numbers there and the hours needed for training, it makes it look totally possible. And if you really believe you can do it and want to do it, it will happen. Keep training!

Calyx Meredith said...

Dude - positive self talk!! You may have challenges and you may not be where you want to be yet - but don't tell yourself you suck! You just might start believing yourself. You rock!! You're working hard - you've got a coach and a plan lined up. You can - and will - do it. Stay healthy and strong - through and through.

ShirleyPerly said...

Hey, in a couple days, you will have DA MAN as your coach. Don't worry about what others are doing. Focus on what he says and have faith. You are by no means the slowest person out there now and you won't be later. I'm sure of it!

triguyjt said...

Game on big guy...good luck ...

if your in dave scotts hands you are gonna do well...

make it count

The Stretch Doc said...

naw dude, forget what Calyx said.. You do suck! lol.. kidding.!!

THE MAN is your Coach!! You are going to totally rock that I M C D A! Just stick to the plan and like Baboo said, put your head down and grind it out.

We will be getting some good bike rides in this spring and I'm here for you when we're out there. You can do it!



RBR said...

Last night I was downloading the race profile and elevation gain for CdA. And since I will take all the available time to do the swim (meaning IF I get to ride my bike at all and don't have my timing chip snatched off me on the beach *sigh*) that only leaves me 8 hours for 112 miles which is 14 mph average. I currently DO NOT ride at a 14 mph average for 112 miles since I have NEVER ridden 112 miles. Oh and I haven't swum 2.4 miles. Ever. And I suck at swimming. Consistently. Meaning every time I do it.

Yeah, freaking out a little

I did not actually cry.... yet.

Ordinarylife said...

You have plenty of time. 22 weeks before my first one I did not even own a bike!! On only got that with 21 weeks to go. On race day my average speed was 14mph. Yes, it took me 8 hours on the bike - but I finished! You will be fine, especially if you are getting a coach.

I am preparing for my 2nd one now and only have 10 weeks - and I am beginning to freak out.

Good luck!