Friday, November 7, 2008

Daddy’s got a brand new bag

I know the rule…never try something new on race day, but I think this is an exception to the rule.


Check it out; I am riding on a demo set of Flash-point 60.

Here’s a pic:

It turns out that our local Tri store (Las Vegas Multisport) has a demo program. Basically, you contact Larry and he’ll hook you up with a set of Zipp or Flash-point wheels for your race.

And here the cool part: there’s NO charge!

I’ve seen this on the web and it cost $200 or more, so when Larry offered his services, I had to jump on it.

Just come on in talk to Larry and he’ll figure out what you need for your race and viola! Sign a waiver and they’re yours!

Larry made me feel real relaxed the whole time; he even switched out the cassette from my old wheels to the demo wheels.

Easy peasy!

I know that I am a rockstar, but he’ll demo the wheels to all local athletes. So for your next event, come on down!

Now for a quick review:

I HAD to give them a test drive before the main event.

I did a quick test ride for an hour just to get a feel for them and refresh the legs.

I’ve got to tell you…they felt awesome!

I’m not sure they increased my overall speed that much but I sure FELT faster! And that means a lot right there.

I was originally concerned that the extra weight of the deep rims would adversely affect me on those hills but I honestly think that my old wheels weight the same if not more.

I was able to climb the sisters without a problem (well…besides the usual problems…it is the sisters after all).

Again, I felt faster than normal but when I got home and compared the numbers, everything was just about the same. I had more energy but I couldn’t tell if that was the wheels or the taper talking.

I’ll give a more complete report after the main event.

Here is the whole set-up

I am all sorts of lucky this weekend!

First, the Demo race wheels and now this.

At the pasta party tonight, they were raffling some SWAG, a mountain bike and a training plan with Dave Scott (the Man).

I put my name in and guess what??

I’ve got 4 months with DAVE THE MAN!

I couldn’t be happier. Talk about a perfect gift. Right before the IM.



Ryan said...


Free wheels.

Free Training Plan.

Life is Good!

SWTrigal said...

Good luck on those nice wheels!!

Team Brazo said...

Awesome wheels -- have a great race...

RBR said...

Ooooh! Pretty!

I don't really know anything about race wheels but the sure look fast! I am so excited for your race! You are so ready and I will be anxioulsy awaiting updates tomorrow. Is Kelly going to guest blog so we don;t have to wait?! *jumping up and down excitedly like an annoying child*

Borsch said...

You made out like a bandit!

Unknown said...

Four months training with The Man? Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Jeepers - all good news!!!! That ride looks sweet with the wheels - can't wait to get to the race posts!