Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spill the beans on the table

It’s time to fess up!

It’s the start of a new month and, knowing that I am a numbers nut, it’s time to look at the numbers.

Let me just warn you: It ain’t pretty!


February 2010 Totals:
10 Swim – 15650 yd – 06:54:24 (9.78 miles)
12 Bike – 241.60 – 15:22:35
9 Run – 37.90 – 06:16:55

31 Workouts
28:33:55 Hours
288.4 miles

Compared to Last Month:

January 2010 Totals:
3 swim – 3000 yd – 1:58:42 (1.88 miles)
5 Bike – 82.3 – 5:17:52
6 Run – 111.0 – 23:05:28

14 Workouts
30:22:03 Hours
195.0 Miles


On the surface it looks good. All my numbers look good (except the run, but that includes a 50 miler race too). So what is the problem?

If you look at last years totals at this time, it looks bad!

February 2009 Totals:
9 Swim – 16000 yd – 11:25:00 (10.00 miles)
14 Bike – 466.0 – 35:20:50
13 Run – 78.40 – 13:39:26

January 2009 Totals:
5 swim – 8150 yd – 6:35:00 (1.88 miles)
6 Bike – 159.4 – 11:30:20
13 Run – 74.3 – 13:26:05

My last year’s numbers look way better!

Not that this means anything except I am do a repeat of last years events.

Last year I did Rage and then IMCDA this is I am doing the same.

Yep, I said that I am doing IMCDA again!

I feel the need for redemption. I know that my performance there could have been a lot better. One problem here…so far my training times are sub-par, meaning that redemption could be hard.

For the past two years, it’s been all me-all the time. And while I think that has worked out OK, it didn’t go great. Now that I have more responsibilities in my life, I have even less time to train.

I need to get faster and stronger on less time and less training. I need a solution.

With that in mind I have buckled down and decided that maybe it’s time to look at a coach.

While I am excited to be training under someone, I am sad to say goodbye to the title “Self-coached”.


Stef0115 said...

You are so funny!!

For me "self coached" meant doing nothing whatsoever except for walking the dogs!

Congrats on your decision I know you will do great under this new regime and I'm sure you will save lots of time.

Everybody wins!

ShirleyPerly said...

I used to think that working with a coach would mean working out more but it turns out the opposite is true. We are often our worst enemies trying to do too much. Great to hear you've got a coach!!

PS - Does this mean you're doing both IMCDA and Vineman?

Formulaic said...

Yep! IMCDA then 6 weeks later Vineman.

Let the good times roll!

rocketpants said...

You are doing both IMCDA and Vineman full? You are a nut!

My coach is all about quality workouts. There still is volume in there...but at appropriate times...not excessive...but that being said...i'm not going to see you at post to come on that topic.

Ron said...

HEY VEGAS IS IN THE HOUSE! Good to see some athletes from vegas on here! Dude your a machine too! I have been searching for some training partners and I havent been too successful! You are most likely very fast but I would like to faster! Any group rides coming up?