Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cause and effect

I still am working on the Oceanside report (not that it’s long or anything, but I am trying to make it sound ‘fun' not: I swam blah; and then I biked blah; and then I ran blah).

In the meantime, I figured I throw out a quick post

My morning workout:

I wanted a hard and long and run with hills.

First mile said “no hard”!

OK fine, I can 'roll with it'. I've still got long and hills.

By the time I finished ‘warming up’, Clock said “not enough time to go long”!

OK, FINE! Let’s at least do hills!!

First hill said “You suck! Go home!”

Second hill said “GO HOME NOW!”

I listened.

Maybe I shouldn’t have had that beer and burgers the night before??!!


IronWaddler said...

Kudos to you for listening.

Borsch said...

LOl....the hills said biatch you got nothing today...go home! Were we on the same hill?