Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Tale of two shoes

Dear shoes,

If you are reading this, then know that that I love you both. The same.

I could never choose between you two. I have room in my heart for each of you. Equally!


Now that they are done reading let me tell you the truth!!

I have never had a problem with running shoes. Strap any old thing on my legs and I am good to go. Army boots; ballet slippers, doesn’t matter to me.

My knees may hurt but that does seem to be due to my shoes.

Regardless, at the end of 2007, when the Mrs. and I decided to get started in the whole ‘running thing’, I went ahead and bought a new set of running shoes.

I did the whole thing. Walk across the sensor so that it can analyze my running style. Buy a pair of shoes that matches me, looks good, feels good. All set.

They worked great. I felt good in them, ran good (but not faster unfortunately).

Everything worked fine. I ran those things into the ground within 15 months. I retired the shoes right around 400 miles or 75 hours. They had started to hurt my feet a little bit when I ran long distances. I could feel the ground a little too much.

I kept the shoes because they still looked good. Now they’re just my ‘tennis shoe’. I still love them, they fit like a glove and I have to confess, I secretly wet myself a little every time I put them on. Sooo NICE!

The next pair I got was a serious pair. Even did the treadmill test. I knew I was getting serious when the pair was U-G-L-Y! This pair was a trail rated shoe. Good for holding on to the loose rocks and good at keeping those same rocks out.

I found that they were great for the road too. Awesome! I tore through those shoes in NO time. 451 miles in 7 months.

Rumor has it, that running shoes should be retired after 350 miles. Well, crap! I am way past that.

The shoe still feels fine. Maybe I can keep running in them. Maybe all that junk about changing your shoes is hogwash. Advertising to get the public to buy new shoes.

Regardless, the new shoes are way over the limit. So maybe it's time to go back to the old shoes?

I mean they fit like a glove. They feel so good when I wear them out. Low mileage and smooth to boot.

So I took the old shoes out for a spin. A morning run, easy on the streets, no rocks no trails; easy.


My feet are K-I-L-L-I-N-G me! Appearently, the shoes have this knack for finding every freaking rock out there. If there isn't a rock, they'll find a pebble and make it into a rock.

My feet are so sore, it hurts to walk around the house.

So it's offically time. Time to re-retire the old shoes to 'fashion wear'. As for the newer shoes? I don't know. They still feel great, but maybe it's time to retire them too.

My worry is that as ugly as they are, there is no retirement job for those babies.


Calyx Meredith said...

I am running in shoes that are overdue for retirement - but my mileage is so much less than yours! I don't think it's a marketing ploy (entirely) - I think you really can hurt yourself if you run in old shoes. Hie thee hither to your running store and get some brand new shoes! Besides - you want some that are broken in just right for IMCDA, doncha?

The Stretch Doc said...

Yeah I gotta ax my shoes.. I've had them since I started training for Cda over a year ago!! yikes!

Stef0115 said...

My shoes probably need to be retired too at some point. Thing is one of them is newer than the other and I have no idea what mileage is on either of them.

So I guess I'll have to guess when it's time -- they both still feel fine!

Stef0115 said...

Right. I meant to say one PAIR is newer than the other pair. Both pairs are the same.

RBR said...

I am FANATICAL about changing my shoes. I started this running thing too old and too fat to be tempting fate with my knees.

My advice: Get new shoes.

My trail shoes are too ugly to have a retirement job as well. When they hit 350 they are some poor schlub at Goodwill's problem.

Thank you for your kind words. I am very lucky. Very. I am slowly crawling out. I am hoping the Napa marathon this weekend will help.

Borsch said...

This coming from a fat man, IDk about milage I just retire them when i start to notice aches I didn't have before.

no aches/pain = keep them going

As for Garmin data and calories..I upload the workout file to TrainingPeaks.com and then it will calculate calories for you.

Unknown said...

I replace mine at between 400 and 500 miles because by then the midsole is no longer providing any support. I don't think you need to change them before 400 miles unless you really start to notice pain in your feet or legs. I wouldn't push them much beyond 500 miles though. Too big a chance of an injury.

ShirleyPerly said...

If there's one thing that I don't skimp on, it's running shoes. I usually retire mine between 300-400 miles but the surest sign is they simply hurt to wear when running. I usually rotate between 2-3 different shoes so when one needs to be replaced it's not too traumatic. The shoes I use for shorter runs are not the same as those I use for long runs, which generally cost more and have too much weight/cushioning for speed work anyway. I have a lot of difficulty spending $5 on a meal, though ...