Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ode to the trainer/Ode to the treadmill

Dear god, man!

Have you no mercy?

Does the wetness of my tears mean nothing to you?

Does sight of my blood and salt of my sweat not move you?

Nay, I say! You are a machine. You are cold, you are hard, you are steel.

You were created for a purpose and you pursue that purpose without stopping.

You are driven. You are relentless. You are near unstoppable.

I should not mock you. I should pursue your ideals. I should follow your path.

I will become driven. I will become relentless. I will become near unstoppable.

I will. Just as soon as I stop crying.


Borsch said...

lol...I wept yesterday as well. 60 min of push ups and pull ups. 60 min of hill interval spin. 15 min of ab ripper x and then I was all cramped up. Whole body cramp, now I know what PMS is like. JK

Borsch said...

FYI - I finished ripping p90X for you, sorry it took longer than expected. I'll throw it in the mail this week.

Dave said...

Hehe! And for the record, you are too a swimmer. :P

I hadn't thought of Vegas, but I'll have to check out the dates and prices to see if it might be an option. Thanks for the idea!

The Stretch Doc said...

Hey my trainer and treadmill must be friends with YOURS!
No love there either.. I'll cry in my beer with ya..


Calyx Meredith said...

Even boys cry during this training stuff? I wish that didn't make me feel better, but it does.

Let us know what you think of the p90X stuff! It seems totally hardcore (and therefore to me out of my league) BUT I'm intrigued nonetheless.

Stef0115 said...

Very poetic! And I'm sure true. I don't have a dreadmill and after reading this I don't mind.


Formulaic said...

Boys DON’T cry!

That was only for symbolism!

Sniff, sniff