Monday, February 9, 2009

Ironman Utah

Guess what Southwest state is going to be home to the newest Ironman?

If you said Utah - you are smart (or you can read!)!

Looks like Utah is going to be hosting the new Ironman. Currently it’s scheduled for the first Saturday of May 2010 (May 1st).

There has been no official announcement but from the city council minutes there was talk and agreement to have the Ironman event.

The swim will take place in Sand Hollow and the bike portion of the race will go through the town of Gunlock.

The run portion of the Ironman will finish in the city center of St. George.

Again, there was no official announcement, but it looks to be a Full Ironman which would be awesome but it would seem to be in direct competition to CDA. But then again, Louisville and Wisconsin are also a month apart so who knows?

I’ve spoken to the Local RD for the Utah area and he has confirmed the event is going to happen but can’t speak regarding the length or who will run it. But if Ironman knows what is best for them, they’ll use a local expert and a RD who knows how to run big races.

I’ve done a couple of courses in the exact area that this event will be in and let me tell you, the area is hard! Not only is the area hilly but the road is rough and curvy. I hear the St George Century and the Marathon are no jokes either with all the hills.

But then Ironman is not supposed to be easy and the beauty out there is breathtaking.

I’ll let you know more when I hear (read) about it.


ShirleyPerly said...

Well, hopefully it will go much better than the one they tried to do back in 2002 (Provo), which was a disaster. The St. George area is quite beautiful and hilly from what I remember when we went to Red Mtn Spa a couple times in the past. Will be interesting to see the course. Thanks for letting us know about the race!

Calyx Meredith said...

I read that article and wondered what you all would think about it. Sounds challenging and beautiful - a good IM combo, eh? Isn't May kind of early (ie cold) though for a swim there?

The Stretch Doc said...

sweet are we signing up?


Ryan said...

The only problem with Ironman Utah...Mormons only!


Count Me in!!!!

IronWaddler said...

Sounds like it would be beautiful but wish it was later and not in May.Hard to train for an IM in the winter in Chicago.