Monday, September 8, 2008

Slow boat to China

While watching the Olympics, I saw the open water swim event. It was billed as a 'marathon' swim, but in reality it was only a 10k.


The women finished just over 2 hours and the men finished just under 2 hours.

And I finished just in 2:09 minutes!



I did 2.4 in 2:09

They did 10k in 2:00

10k! That's 6.2 miles! That's 2.58 (3333) more times more than me.

That means that they did 2.4 miles in...

Um....Divide. Then take the quotient and then....

OK. Great!

Not only am I slow but I AM s.l.o.w.

I have the video and I'll be studying their form.

But don't worry; I doubt I'll be in London 2012


On the slow boat in the short bus


Kelly said...

But you are still under the swim cutoff got YOUR race in June, that's what is important! And with 9 more months of training, holy cow you are going to be fast!

(I still can't comprehend how fast those olympic swimmers were going)

At least we are on the slow boat and short bus together, at least for a little while longer (or shorter if I dont start training again ;-)


Calyx Meredith said...

Happy Birthday?!! Ok, Mr. Under the Radar - can't believe you didn't give us more warning on that one. Virtual chocolate cake (with obnoxious candles that play music and don't blow out) headed your way. Great job on the swim (Olympian or no)!!

Rachel said...

Nothing short of incredible.

Team Brazo said...

10K in 2 hours -- that is just not right.

Stef0115 said...

Comparing yourself to Olympic athletes is okay as long as you do it laced with humor -- as you did!

I don't know why you are still harping on that "slow" swim. For starters, as Kelly points out that pace totally makes the swim cutoff for your race.

But also, wasn't your swim time SMOKIN' for the Lake Las Vegas Tri? Uh HUH I THINK SO. I seem to recall it was 2x:xx. As in there is a 2 there instead of a 3 or (in my case) a 4 for that 1500 meter distance.


It's all relative and for someone observing from outside your blog you are getting faster and stronger all the time. My coach says swimming takes the most patience. From my own experience I certainly do believe that. Ugh.

You'll get faster. :-) Especially with that new wetsuit you got for your birthday! Post a photo. Just sayin'.

ShirleyPerly said...

Your thoughts nearly mirrored mine when I saw those marathon swim times. But, unfortunately, I was even slower than you were and did not make my race cut-off. So you're fast compared to me!

PS - Happy Birthday!!