Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sick day

Friday I called in sick to work.

I should have called in Stupid!

This weekend we are going to California for a quick mini vacation. As much as I'd like to pretend that I'll run on the beach and swim in the ocean. I know the truth. I'll be swimming in Corona and running to the bathroom.

That meant I needed to get all my training in during the week. Friday was the big one. I was gonna put my swim and my 50 mile bike together and combine it with my 10 mile brick. Heck add a few and I've got a full half (full half?? Half full?).

It started off good and went downhill from there.

What have I done! I have a race in two weeks and I am so not ready!

I had a great swim. Felt strong fast fluid. Everything good. Except the time. 1:00 exactly! Crap! That's 20 minutes slow.

so much for that, how about the bike?

Last week I rode 50 hard miles in about 3:30. The next day I rode 52 harder miles on very tired legs in about 3:39.

Today on the very same course that I had just rode, this time with much fresher legs...4:40.

That's an hour slower! My average speed fell from 15 to 11. It was miserable. I had no energy. My feet were on fire, I was hot; tired. My back hurt from carrying the camelbak. It was a slogfest.


On to the run!

First mile - great! Good pace; good cadence.

After the first mile, I was working on a 7/1 ratio. First 7 minutes of running, no problem. The second round of 7 minutes was up hill. I stopped running after the first 3 minutes. That's about the time I realized I was in trouble. Less than 3 miles in and the best I could do was 1 minute of running. It wasn't long before I was in negative territory. I was now walking more than I ran.

Run/walk; walk/run; walk/walk.

By mile 5 it was pathetic. 20 seconds of running, several minutes of walking.

By mile 6 it was pure walking. Powerwalking that devolved into trudging.

By mile 7, I was afraid.

I wanted to lay down right there on the trail. My mind was planning. I had told people where I was at. I could just lie down and rest a while. Surely somebody would walk the trail sooner or later. And if not, it wouldn't take my family long to realize that I was missing. I figured come nightfall they'd find me.

By mile 8, I could see the road. By mile 8.5, I reached the road and had reception. I called the family and let them know where I was. I fell asleep.

All totaled, I was out there for 10 hours (I took some looong transitions)

What have I done!

In two weeks, I have to do this distance and be fast. There's no sleeping, there's no resting on the side of the road. There's no crying and wailing taking time to eat and drink.

In just two weeks I have to RACE!

Hell! In less than a year, I have to do double this and finish in less than 17 hours.

What have I done!


Anonymous said...

You've been working hard, dude, I think you need some rest and relaxation. You will be fine on race day. Take it easy and trust all the training you've done.

What? They don't allow crying and wailing in races? This is news to me! I've done it plenty of times with no penalty ;-)

SWTrigal said...

Race day will be totally different I would bet. Sometimes in the taper weeks, we are the weakest. As far as whining goes-go for it!!

jeanne said...

i think you probably piled on too much in one day. Did you have a good nutrition plan, cuz you don't mention any. My coaches always say "there is no making up for skipped days." In other words, if you skip a day, just go back and stick to the plan. I like that advice!

So rest up and follow your plan and you'll do great! GOOD LUCK!

Stef0115 said...

Holy CRAP! You did the whole distance???? Man, no wonder you were tired. Sounds like you were tired to begin with.

Something similar happened to Liz's husband over Labor Day weekend. You should check this out if you haven't already:


Hope you had fun in California!

ShirleyPerly said...

I was also wondering what your nutrition was like but also knowing you had a hard past weekend, it could also be that your body was telling you that it needed some rest, not another mega tough workout.

Remember that recovery is just as important as training itself. Use the next two weeks to do that. With proper race day nutrition and all the training you've already done, your body will be ready to put things together on race day. BTDT!!

Borsch said...

Race days are always differnt...differnt energy/mood.

Take some rest, you will bounce back.

Calyx Meredith said...

They keep telling me that it's during recovery that we absorb the gains from the workouts - so maybe you need a bit more recovery time. You've been putting in some great training time! I'm sure you'll have a solid race.

S. Baboo said...

Taper, taper, taper. Rest, rest, rest. I have every confidence you will enjoy your race if you just rest and taper.

Ryan said...

I have never thought of napping to get myself out of a bonk. I usually take the feed myself approach.......but maybe next time I'll give a roadside nap a try. Maybe I'll even ask for some change and can buy a case of cheap beer.

Oh, even though the Ironman is double a half, well.......it is much harder than twice a half. sorry to tell you that, but you need to know!

Happy bonking errrrrrr, training!

triguyjt said...

since the hay is already in the barn for the training...just chill for the next few weeks...concentrate on good nutrition and then go out and have a great race...

I gahhhhr-un-teeee it...

RBR said...

Remember, crappy last long workout = good race. You set. No worries!

I am bummed to say, no Silverman for me, but I will look forward to racing with you in CdA (hopefully sooner!)