Monday, September 8, 2008

Sick Puppy

Like a spider, the lone cyclist rides alone lurking for the unsuspecting group riders to fly by. He flings out his web and latches on. He’s being pulled by the group. He is one with the group. He eats the group!

That’s the analogy.

Like a sad puppy that is put in the tub for his bath. He tries to escape, he jumps, leaps and scrabbles for the edge, hoping that his nails will catch and he’ll find his escape. You watch him; you know that he can’t escape. He flails against the side, nails scraping on the tub. Hopelessly he slides back down. Again and again, until finally he gives up and huddles shivering and shaking in his own pee and bath water.

That’s the reality.

And that’s how my group ride went.

Group after group flew by and my legs looked at me and defiantly turned the other way.

No way they were gonna join in anyone else’s fun. That day it was all about them and them alone. ALONE, I say!

It was their private revenge for two days of hard riding.

Two long rides in two days.

It took me two days to do it but 100 miles done!

Day 1 - 3 hours 48 minutes for 50.5 miles. That’s a lot of long grueling hills. I went from my house to Lake Mead and then back up through the Pumpkinman course. Here’s a profile of the Pumpkinman ride. Yes, that’s a climb of 1400+ feet

Day 2 – The group ride with the Silverman crew. That is where I learned how much group rides can suck when you ride alone!

03 hours 39 minutes for 52.54. Nothing can be as bad the Pumpkinman route right?? WRONG!

The Silverman route is tough! And that didn’t even include the sisters!

But hey! At least it's done!

Whew! In one week I got almost ¾ of all my bike mileage of last month in!

And this week looks to be about the same! I am so going to be ready for taper!

Week 36
2 Run – 3.8 mi – 00:40:01
4 Bike – 119.4 – 08:35:26
2 Swim – 5696 yd – 2:09:22

Aug Monthly Total:
10 Swim – 16985 yd – 08:25:20 (10.62 miles)
10 Bike – 200.2 – 15:16:22
12 Run - 52.3 – 10:21:29

32 Workouts
34:03:12 Hours
262.1 miles
20964 Calories Burned


SWTrigal said...

That is some pretty good mileage you put in there!

ShirleyPerly said...

Don't worry about them! You did what you needed to do and got it done. Good job!!

Anonymous said...

Like shirley said, you done good!! You're out there working hard and gettting some amazing miles in, and that's what matters!! Great job :D

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice double rides!!

And great looking numbers! Bring on that taper!

Borsch said...

Those look like some killer rides! I need to get my butt doing those types of bike rides.

Great numbers!

Calyx Meredith said...

Back to back hilly rides? You are turning into a machine! Way to go! (You'll note I'm not falling for the sad puppy dog analogy - AT ALL.)