Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Recovery? What recovery.

How sad. I had a whole week off and no update.

Truthfully though, I didn’t follow doctors orders and take the week completely off. I threw in there a few extra workouts and some long ones to boot.

I have pretty much given up on the catch up game (being as I am so far behind I’d have to run an ultra and bike a century or two just to make it all up), But I’m still feeling guilty for missing the workouts, so I am making the ones I do even longer or better.

My boo-boo while not serious, seemed to have a debilitating effect. I couldn’t run. At first it was the vibration of the impact hurt too much on bruised skin and once the bruises went away, it was the ankle wound that hurt too much from the shoe rubbing it.

I think that I’m pretty much over it all now, but it turned my ‘Monster’ week into a ‘Ghost’ week. Followed that by a week of recovery and I feel like I haven’t had a decent workout in ages!

Upcoming is the final build for the plan. It marks the “competitive” phase. I think it will call more on the mental endurance than the physical. Technically, I pretty much have it in me to do the distance now. I’ve done the workouts (most of them) and have conquered the distances so far.

I still can’t imagine running for 13 miles after being on the bike for 56, but technically I ‘should’ be able to do it.

Blue ribbon winner…I am not! YET!


Borsch said...

Sorry to hear the "MONSTER" week turning into a ghost week.

You won't have to worry about the run part, just get off the bike and get moving. It will work its way out. :-)

S. Baboo said...

The continued recovery is going to be better for you anyway than trying to fight through an injury. You will be able to do it!

Calyx Meredith said...

As they keep telling me, recovery is where you assimilate the benefits of training - so don't short your recovery! (And it would go beyond suckitude to injure yourself trying to push your healing too fast.) Hope you're back to 100% and on track soon!

Steve Stenzel said...

Hey, don't worry about those final 13 miles. It just feels SO good to be off the bike, that you'll be happy to do anything!! (other than bike)


IronTriTim said...

Focus on the future and make those workouts count. Better to train well, than train injured. You have done the groundwork to be able to miss a week, I'm sure you will do fine.

Anonymous said...

I agree with actually felt good to run after the long bike to me at Buffalo.

You've been putting in some killer workouts...recover and you'll be good to go ;)