Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fall down - go boom

I am now one step closer to becoming a real cyclist!

Yes, I took my first real spill.

I was coming home and hit the corner too fast. I had crap in my hands and couldn't feather the brakes. By the time I was able to get my hands on the brakes, I hit them HARD! Locked up my rear tire; my bike went out from under me and I did my best first-base slide.

It's no biggie, but it did a number on my bike (the poor baby!).

Again, it's no biggie and I'm sure I'll be back to good before I know it, but I have a n.i.c.e. road rash and a sweet strawberry on hip and on my ankle too (I ruined a pair of socks [boo]).

On a side note: Remeber when as a kid you put Peroxide on? No pain right? HOLY CRAP!!! The pain radiated down through the nerves into the bone and seared my soul!! OUCH!! (and I used to luv peroxide).

All told I got off easy for my first baby crash. Unlike Kayvee who took a major crash and still went on to do her 70.3! Tough!

Funny thing, now that's bandaged up and the next day, it hurts more now then when it happened!


Anonymous said...

OUCH!! (I would be kinda proud of that road rash though...looks tough)

Glad you're okay though and it wasn't more serious.

Stef0115 said...

Oh GEESH Form!

What Cindy said.


Steve Stenzel said...

DANG!! That's some road rash (on both you AND your bike). Glad you made it through OK!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh Man, I know how that feels having crashed hard going around a corner fast back in February. Isn't it funny how we worry about the bike?!

Glad you weren't hurt too bad, it seems. I too found that things hurt much more a few days after it had happened. Hot showers were the worst.

Borsch said...


I like the bike...kinda sad I still don't have that one.

P.S. If the seat is trashed I still have my old one. Throw me a few bucks for shipping and it is yours.

SWTrigal said...

You are definitely in the cult now!

Team Brazo said...

That arm does not look good. It has always been my fear (less this year though) that I would fall on the bike while clipped in. I did fall last year once when I was turning around on a rural road and my tires slipped out from under me on some wet grass -- but I was going pretty slow at the time.

S. Baboo said...

Yow! Take care of that.

KayVee said...

Owowowow! I'm thinkin' we all need to wear kevlar! Anyway, glad you and the bike are relatively okay. Heal fast!

IronTriTim said...

Ouch, so far I've only spilled when forgetting to unclip, so at very little speed.. however theres normally an audience! Hope you feel better.

RBR said...

Ok, it is a little sick that I was feeling like Stef and Cindy "Ouch! But that is kind of cool! He's a REAL cyclist now."

Very badass! Wear your war wounds with pride. (but be careful, you are badass now. You don't need anymore)

triguyjt said...

did the umpire call you safe?????

good looking wounds....

badges of honor, right??