Monday, July 28, 2008

Flop week

Stef and JohnnyTri are on recovery, but it seems that I decided to join them in there somehow!

The last week can best be described as a bunch of blah and Half a$$ed work.

It started off with such promise, got in a good strength workout on Monday. Tuesday, was a great swim of 2000 broken into descending sets (awesome!). Wednesday, I was saddled with another midweek long ride of 45. Unfortunately, I had no more luck with this one than last time, and I had to break it into 3 rides again (trainer, road and road again after work).

That is about where the wheels fell off.

Thursday was supposed to be a high tempo run make up from last week.

The morning sun rose...I didn’t.
The evening sun set….so did I.

Thursday = Nada!

On Friday, there was a group swim planned at Lake Mead. Unfortunately, friendly obligations had us getting there too late and I had to swim by myself while the rest of the group finished their swim. Finally, after just over an hour, I had to call it because it was getting too late. 1.5 miles


Apparently, my gym has a policy to close the pool during times of lightning. That seems perfectly fine. Logical. I understand that and am OK with it.

No problem, we head inside and work on finishing our swim in the inside pool.

Nope! The manager comes over and says that because of the lightning, they have to close the indoor pool too!

After some argument, he lets loose that according to policy, he is also supposed to close down the showers too! Basically anything with water gets shut off. In fact, if it was bad enough, he’s not allowed to let people out to the car fearing that they may be struck.

Um…come on, this is Las Vegas, not Seattle. We have storms that brew but never boil.

Turns out that the gym isn’t crazy! In fact the lightning safety institute (who know there was such a thing), recommends this very thing. Check out more lightning safety here.

Needless to say, that meant my swim was DONE. It was supposed to be 3600 but all I got was 1300.

Finished the day off with a makeup run/farklet. It was actually fun!

Sunday, the sun (and the heat) came too early and cut my 3 X brick into 1.75.

So in the end I have to make up:
Swim: 2300 + 200
Bike: 15 miles (brick)
Run: 4.5 miles + Speed work

Crap! I think I’m further behind now then when I started!


Borsch said...

I only have four letters for you lmao!

Isn't it funny how all of those things stack up so quickly? We've all been there...good luck playing catchup!

Calyx Meredith said...

It was wonderful to get to meet you and the mrs!! Thank you for coming out with us and for being so welcoming and fun. Can't wait to get back here - and you know that if you get East, you have to come see us!

ShirleyPerly said...

Just found your blog via Stef's and wanted to say 'hi' and thanks for the lightening safety info. I live in the lightening capital of the U.S. (central FL) and am often getting my swim workouts cut short because of it. Have never been restricted from using the shower or going to my car before, though. Interesting ...