Monday, July 14, 2008

Week of Insanity

What a week!

Last week was recovery and this week is endurance. And CRAP! Did it require endurance. I worked out more this week then I have ever! Both in terms of mileage and time!

I got called out about not updating the blog! I swear I would have, if I could have managed to find the time and have muscles that weren’t too sore to type!

Let me ask you a question, who in their right minds asks you to do a 50 miler mid week?!! MID WEEK!

Do you know how much effort it takes to do that? Neither do I! I do know that I had to break it into three (3) separate rides. One on the trainer at O’ dark thirty on the trainer; another outside as SOON as it was daylight and even then I still couldn’t finish and then I had to come home and crank out the last mileage out at midnight when everybody was asleep!


Then come the weekend and I meet up with the Mrs, JT and Stef. We start off with an OWS, which I swore I rocked on. I was flying by people and feeling good despite the chop.

That is until out of the corner of my eye I see this SHARK. In human form. Who flies by me like I was treading water.

And my ‘stellar’ time? 32 minutes for .79 mile. Hmm...Not exactly pro rankings.

From there it was onto the bike.

Now I know what you’re thinking, you're thinking I’m going to abuse JT on the bike. I mean the guy just finished CDA and for 4 weeks he’s done nothing but eat cookies and sleep (my kinda life). There is NO WAY he can hang with me! He’s gonna get left in the dust.

And he was too! At least for the first 5 feet. That’s 5 feet of 40 miles!

The Mrs. had on the books an easy 50 minutes. I think that Lake Mead ruined that easy part within the first 3 seconds! Climbing out of that Lake is tough. Once on the main stretch, she was sailing! I was a little sad to have her turn around so soon. She looked really strong (plus I like having her around!).

Stef on the other played us like a poker ace! Stef had 30 miles on her mind and watched us 'boys' struggle with the wind and hills while she patiently kept her energy stored up. In the end, I think she turned around because we were going to slow for her! I distinctly remember her being in the back, I was FLYING down a hill, she ‘shoulda’ been a mile back or so. Imagine my surprise when she in stuck to my back wheel! This whole time! The sly minx!

After the turn around I announce to JT that it’s time to negatively split this beeotch! Remind me next time NOT to tell JT! As soon as he hears the words, he was GONE!

I think that JT cheated and went around the hills. I know this is technically impossible and that the only way back was up those hills but he wasn’t there! I mean, I should have been able to see him climbing up the hills right! At the very least, I should see him far out in the distance when I AM descending the hills, right!

The man was nowhere to be seen.

When I got back to the cars, I was hoping to see everyone tired and beat down. You know the look. The ‘just got done riding the hardest ride of my life’ look. At least to see them still working on packing their gear.

NOPE! They looked fresh and new. They had just enjoyed a fresh round of tea and crumpets! I think that Stef even ran home and let the dogs out (fill up on gas, mowed the yard and did the dishes)!

Man! Am I slow?! But I did negatively split – by 3-4 minutes. JT did too, by 34 minutes (notice that there is NO dash in his time!).

Sunday was another day FULL of training.

Three bricks - 3!

12 miles bike/ 2 mile run

Did I mention THREE times??

I am exhausted!

But I got it done!


Calyx Meredith said...

Wow! That is a seriously heavy training schedule. Yay you for getting it all done! Is this all IM prep or is it too early to be that heavy for CDA?

Stef0115 said...

OMG this post is SO FREAKIN' funny!!! Thanks for riding with me out there this weekend.

You do know you are stuck with me from now on. I need someone to chase and suffer with me out there.

Dang all I had yesterday was a 1:20 run. And GLAD of it (and the overcast skies).

The Stretch Doc said...

dude, this is funny!! but yes, Bigun knows about mid-week long rides, ask him.. he'll tell ya to just pedal faster, young jedi!

you did great and shh.. dont tell anyone my screte passage under the lake back to the start!!


Anonymous said...

Dang - that is a long ride for midweek! You are into some serious training there, and I am impressed with your stick-to-it-ness!! Great job!

Also, you are a funny the humor in your posts :)

Ryan said...

Somebody has Ironman Fever!

Soon a 50 miler will just be "getting warmed up!"

Nice job and enjoy the training,

Rachel said...

Wow. You're hard-core. Thats so exciting you signed up for CDA!!!

triguyjt said...

big guy...50 miler...mid week???

I am not worthy....awesome job sir.....

very funny post

TriShannon said...

50 miles mid-week is long! Way to get it done!

Trust me when I tell you - you will not need an alarm clock in CdA. If you do, then you are much more relaxed than me! I set 2 and had a wake-up call in WI... none needed. I was awake tossing and turning (aka freaking out) from 12:30 - 3:30. I finally decided to just get up at 3:30AM.

I look forward to following your training.

Calyx Meredith said...

So cool about next week! I can't wait to meet you and K!