Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rage Run course Preview

Recently, Baboo noticed the Mrs. looking all fast in the Six Tunnels race pictures. Luckily he noticed the trail and not the Mrs' sexy body (good man!)

He was wondering if that trail was the same as the Rage Half Marathon.

It turns out that it is part of the trail (except without that horrendous climb/turn-around point).
I looked over my previous runs and noticed that I had done another section of the run before and that I had done part of the run on the bike trail.

I took some time and came up with a ‘composite’ of the race (I swear, I do actually DO work at my work TOO!)

Here is what I have.

I have actually ran the first ~2 miles of the course. But I’ve never ran from mile 2 to 4. I have biked up the road that runs the same way but not the same path. And then as you know I have run the last section.

I’ve broken it down into:

Section 1 – (actual run before) Follows Rage from mile 0 to mile 1.6
Section 2 – (Not actual – follows bike path not running trail) approximate of mile 1.7 to mile 4
Section 3 – (actual run before) Follows Rage from mile 4 to mile 6.71 – turnaround.

I noticed that the elevation on section 3 jumps a lot in the middle. Those are the tunnels and it screws with Garmin (Makes it lose contact with the satellite and Garmin gets all freaked out). Despite what the elevation says, they are essentially flat. No jumps at all.

Here we go:

From Rage’s website:

From my Garmin:

Elevation of section one:

Section 2 from Rage:

Section 2 from Garmin:

Elevation from Garmin:

Section 3 from Rage:

Section 3 from Garmin:

Elevation from 3 (remember the ‘jumps’ in the tunnels don’t count)

This should show you almost everything. Of course section 2 is only approx.

From what I can tell and what I can remember, the Rage is almost entirely on trail. For the most part it’s all packed dirt, but the beginning is loose gravel. Right from the start of T2 it’s a lot of uphill until you get to mile 4, then its a little break and great views. Then it’s all downhill baby!

All I can say is better you guys than me! Oh wait! I’m going to be doing ‘part’ of the course too!
I'm trying to get JT to post his preview of the Bike portion up here to. I've done most of it, but not the complete thing. JT on there other hand is a wild man and tackles those hills like no body's business!

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