Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dancin in the Flame

Sometimes a song just says it best:

Woke up this morning, a thousand miles from home
Praying for forgiveness
For this aching in my bones
It would be so easy
To find a better way
Oh but I know I'll never change

Cause I love the long shot
And the left out lost causes
Hanging out in the back of the pack with the dark horses
I ride the wrong road just as fast as I can
God knows there's no one else to blame
Sometimes I think I get off on the pain

This race dedicated to those who could not be here but are here in spirit:

The Mrs

Here is to “Dancin' in the flame”!


RBR said...

You are the best. Seriously, the best.

Sheesh, you made me get all misty.


Dave said...

I might be too late, but have a GREAT day out there! I am missing that town pretty badly, but instead we will be rooting for you from Ohio!

Stef0115 said...

GO IZAAC!!! Woot!

RBR said...

He's on the bike!! Great swim!!

RBR said...

I know my post was late. It did not take you 2:20 to swim (like it did me last year... I digress) but I was out eating breakfast with hubby when you came out of the water.

I did take a pause from shoveling in my hashbrowns and gave out a "woo hoo!" when I saw your swim time :)

RBR said...

First bike split at 16.8 mph!! BEAST!!! Such an animal on the bike!

RBR said...

22 miles to go!!! You are holding your speed so well! Rock on!

RBR said...

On the run!! Woo hoo!

Kelly said...

RBR- i love your updates! I've been doing the say on facebook :)

RBR said...

Less than a half marathon to go! You are rocking this!!

RBR said...

14:40!! Great job!! Congratulations! Way to stay strong and consistent all day!

I sure wish I could have been there to see you cross yet another iron finish line.

RBR said...

Oh and

I love you, man!! :)