Thursday, June 24, 2010

Go Time!

Another blog post…


I don’t know what you mean ;). In my head, I have posted a least 20 posts. I have told you everything from how little swimming I am doing to how many rest days I am taking. I have let you know about each and every run and the victories and defeats of every bike.

Well….at least in my head I have said all these things. But of course, that doesn’t mean anything. I guess the results are what matters.

Speaking of which, it is just about time for Ironman CDA. It is time to put my money where my mouth is. It's time to see what I am made of. In my head, I am ready; in my head, I am ready to PR; in my head, I am Kona worthy (OK, maybe not even in my head am I Kona worthy!). But like I said, the results are what matters.

In all reality, I am trying to psych myself up. I am trying to energize myself and get excited. It is almost surreal, but I am not nervous. I am relaxed (relatively) and cool as a cucumber. I got my last bike ride in yesterday and I was trying to envision myself biking the hills or racing against the pros. But in my heart it just felt like another training day. CDA feels like another training day. It will be tough and it will be long but it is just another day on the swim, the bike and the run.

And maybe that is exactly what I need. Maybe I should treat it like a training day. Deal with the lows but don’t let them overwhelm me and deal with the highs (please let there be some of those!) but not let my head float away from me.

I am treating this like a long day of training. Pace myself, find my groove and most importantly race my own race.

Wish me luck!

Hopefully I will find some Internet up there. I am staying at my families place and there is no Internet connection there (I know! How weird!!) But hopefully I will find some time to find some wifi somewhere!

If not and this is my last time (sounds ominous), then I wish everyone who is racing this weekend (at CDA, or Devil or Buffalo or France or anywhere) good luck!

My Number is 508 and you can track me at Just be sure to hit refresh a lot as I’ll be blazing so fast that the computers may have a hard time tracking me!! :)

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RBR said...

Go, GO, GO!!! You know this course and you have a score to settle! Have a great and SAFE race!

You KNOW I will be tracking!